Forget The Bus Monitor, Send This Harrassed Gay Family On A LGBT-Friendly Vacation

For nearly three months Felix Bermea, his partner, Roy, and their four kids have been harassed mercilessly in their hometown of Gilbert, Arizona. It started with epithets scrawled on their car and house, then escalated to someone setting their bushes on fire. More recently there was a break-in, where their children’s furniture was vandalized and profanities were written on their walls.

Did we mention their 9-year-old daughter is disabled?

Felix has had to call the Gilbert police a dozen times regarding the attacks: “I truthfully believe it’s because we’re a gay couple and because I’m Hispanic,” he told Raw Story. “There’s no doubt whatsoever in my mind that this is a hate crime.”

Initially the Gilbert police wasn’t too interested in finding the perpetrators—until media attention had them morphing from Barney Fife into Columbo.

But until the bastards can be found, the Bermeas live with worry and stress.

The Family Equality Council, which provides resources and information to LGBT parents, wants to do the Bermeas a solid and send them to its annual Family Week in Provincetown.

Family Week will be a safe, affirming environment for the Bermea family to get away from their troubles briefly and spend some quality time with families just like theirs.

Nobody should have to deal with what this family has gone through, and it’s time we did something to make it just a little bit better.

The Council has launched an Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds for the trip, which will include round-trip airfare for six, ferry tickets, and ground transportation, as well as housing, food, supplies and other expenses.  At Family Week, the Bermeas can enjoy singalongs, picnics, campfires, workshops and movie nights with other families like them, and join in a parade through the center of town.

Their own little family Pride.

Right now, the campaign is at a little over $2,000 of its $10,000 goal, with a deadline of midnight on July 27, which means every little bit help.

Honestly, a few less cocktails on the beach won’t ruin your vacation, but it could help make one for this family that’s really been through more than anyone should have to.

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  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    That old bus lady got a half-million dollars because straight people care about harassed old ladies. Straight people don’t give a shit about us, or our families.

    I think if everyone reading Queerty today donated a paltry $5, we could help surpass that 10k goal.

  • kayo

    I just donated some. I hope you guys do so too, a little will help.

  • Adam

    These people can’t even live in America and be safe in their own home?

    No words.

  • Mark

    @Adam: You’re right. I think with Brewer as governor the hate mongers feel very safe in doing whatever they want to do.

  • Kristi

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: Hey, don’t lump all straight people into the uncaring category! I’m straight, and I was out there protesting for this family last Saturday. As were many other straight allies. We’re not all douchebags.

  • Chuck

    @Kristi: Yeah. Sorry about that Kristi. As a community, we tend to make over-generalizations about groups of people.

    See. I just did it too. xP

  • Lea

    Excuse me I am one those old bus ladies you are making reference to. You are not helping
    your cause of GLBT people by bad mouthing straight people. I rallied around this family and I am for them, I was there in support for them. That poor woman was abused and bullied. NO ONE should endure bullying PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dionte

    I’m gonna donate, retweet, post on google plus and facebook.

    I agree we shouldn’t lump everyone all together,
    thank you for your support Kristi and Lea.

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