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Former U.S. Marine talks about all those bro jobs that happen between ‘straight’ soldiers

What it like to swap brojobs with a curious young marine? You’re about to find out.

New Yorker Nathan first joined joined the U.S. Marine Corps when he was 21. He enlisted for four years then served an addition four years IRR (individual ready reserve).

“When I served, ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ was still a few years off so there weren’t even minimum protections in place,” he recalls in a new essay published by Gay Pop Buzz. “That said, I did hook up with several guys during my time enlisted.”

He continues, “To be completely honest, several of them were gay, just like me. But not all of them were. Instead, I suspect most were likely curious, probably leaning more towards the straight side of the spectrum.”

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Nathan says the straight-identifying guys tended to be “a lot less guarded” and “much more adventurous” than the gay ones.

“The way it happened was a lot less random than some might think,” he explains. “That’s because hooking up with a curious guy in the Marines means having a relationship (friendship) in place for a good while before anything can happen.”

Nathan recalls a guy named Brett, who was a few years older than him. Brett was married with a kid.

“Both of us had similar interests and backgrounds. The difference was I was gay and lying about it. For his part, he didn’t need to fib because he had a real wife and kid. While both of us were deployed during Operation Desert Shield, we found ourselves regularly hooking up.”

The hookups aways happened when they were alone in the back of an enclosed MTVR tanker.

“We were assigned guard duty for munitions,” he recalls. “It was always just the two of us back there … Some of those ‘missions’ were two hours long with absolutely nothing to do.”

So they passed the time by talking. About anything and everything really. Then one time, on a “scorching hot morning” along a bumpy road in Iraq, Brett brought up oral sex.

“He shared with me that his wife ‘sucked’ at sucking d*ck and mentioned something about her not really being good at it,” Nathan recalls.

Then Brett asked, “Have you ever wondered what it’s like for them?”

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Nathan writes:

It took a moment for what he said to register. I think I might have responded with something like, “Yeah, I guess” or some sh*t like that.

“Let’s try it man. It doesn’t mean we’re gay. But at least we can teach our women how to do this,” he said. “I’ll go first, alright?”

And that’s how it started.

An ongoing sexual relationship ensued, Nathan says, but “there was never any kissing.”

“I think had we done it, the lip action would have made it ‘gay,’” he says. “Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? I’m just telling you like it is. Maybe that’s the norm for brojob situations, who knows.”

A few weeks later, the guys were given new assignments and their bromance ended. Nathan says he hooked up with three or four other guys after that, but Brett will always be his special “truck companion.”

“Brett and I never talked about what we did. And there wasn’t any awkwardness when we would see one another. Not even a little,” Nathan writes.

Since then, they’ve pretty much fallen out of touch.

“He’s in a Facebook group I belong too but there are lots of us in there and it’s just not something that comes up. I’m also not going to message him and say, ‘Hey, do you remember when…’.”

Looking back, Nathan, who is now happily married to a man, believes Brett is straight, despite their many hookups in the back of that MTVR tanker.

“I think sexuality is a lot more complicated that black and white,” he writes. “What I have seen of him online, he’s looks to have fully integrated back into civilian, family life.”

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  • HaguePeter

    Why copy/paste a story from an other site? I can;t beleive they would be happy about their content on another site. Or does Queerty have an arrangement about copyright with them?

    • GayMafiaKingpin

      If they did plagiarize it, they could have at least corrected all of the grammatical errors in the first couple paragraphs, in the process. Do they not have proofreaders?

    • JAW

      Why not click on the link to the full story… It is right there in front of you.

      Many sites posts clips of stories and include a link to the site. It is a great way to learn new things and explore new sites

  • ivanw222

    @HaguePeter, where was this copied from?

    • HaguePeter

      The story is linked in the text:
      I understand that queerty has to find it’s news somwhere, but when I’ve read a story on an other gay blog it usually ends op on queerty not long after. It would be nice to create unique content. That’s my point ;-).

  • Hermes

    Yep, I agree with the author – that happens regularly throughout the straight world, and certainly in the military.


    • Mick406

      I served in the military for many years. When I was VERY young and single I was stationed in California. There was a young hunk from W. VA. in my platoon. One late night in the latrine, I walked in and caught him ‘doing his thing’. He kind of turned red and I said, “Carry on! No big deal.” Then, he asked me to join him.

      I had many, many of these ‘mild’ encounters in the Army. While in Germany for two years, I reckon I hooked up with 9 or 10 guys. It was usually mutual hand jobs, and at least 5 of them were young married guys. There were a couple of guys who were into the oral, and I did meet one 100% gay guy who wanted to do any and everything, including kissing. As the years have gone by, I have pondered each and every one of these people and think about them being married and I had to ask myself why they would do that with me.

      As was quoted in the story, “I think sexuality is a lot more complicated that black and white,” I think this is SO true! Each individual has their own ‘gradient’ on their sexuality. I think some were just horny and wanted chemical release. Others varied on being shy, making eye contact, or even talking about it. Most seem to just talk enough to get to the point and then it was all silent activity. Some were regulars, and some where just one-time guys. But all were as ‘normal’ as hell looking! All man and projected all-hetero, and so did I. I respected each and every one of them afterward and they were kind to me.

      Two-guy hookups are very, very common in the military, but most military will never EVER acknowledge it. The ‘percentages’ were all there in each platoon I served with over the years: 1, 2, or 3 out of every ten did the nasty with each other behind closed doors. About the same numbers you see in society.

  • loulou2lou

    OOH OOH I love a good bro job and by a hunky young tall handsome straight’marine,huh,huh,huh,How close to heaven will I ever cum again.haaaaaaaa

  • Maude

    ‘Been There, Done That’ and I told you guys about it about a year or two ago.

    It wasn’t hard to find a place to ‘let it all hang out’ if you knew a third who would be a ‘look out’.

    We did, and then we changed places until all three of us had our turn and that meant 2 each, one at a time and the group grew until we split back down to three’s again.

    • loulou2lou

      It sounds so busy busy and lookout here it comes.

  • Maude

    Insert ‘unless’ in place of 2nd. ‘it’ in second line.
    (note to Queerty: We should be able to correct in same comment).

  • Maude

    OOPS, I must still be drunk from last night. Pls disregard my 2nd comment.

  • JohnMc888

    Back in the 70’s a nacho but really likeable neighbor kid, who took the initiative to befriend me, I never knew why, liked to tell me about all the crazy things he did, some of them hilarious. After HS he joined the Marines. Months later, when back for on leave, he visited me to tel me all about how a Marine buddy introduced him to mutual blow jobs (no kissing). He and his buddy and some other buddies exchanged BJs regularly, all very macho, never romantically. When he told me, he wasn’t there to invite me into this game. He just liked telling me what he was up to. He was very excited about this new experience, and how it helped create a special esprit de corps.

  • NateOcean

    Interesting that this BroJob involved another Marine; I would have expected
    Seamen to be involved.

    • loulou2lou

      Slrup,it was.

  • BriBri

    Bro job, frankly I think it’s just a form of denial. You suck dick, you’re gay or at least bi. End of discussion.

    • Shimata

      Yeah, because you get to define who everyone is, regardless of what they identify as. You’re no better than the actually straight guys who shame anyone who explores their sexuality outside of the expected norms. So typical.

  • loulou2lou

    Hello Are there live people out there or are U on tape?

  • Hussain-TheCanadian

    Brett is gay; if he f*cked you, then there isnt anything straight about him; his “civilian life” on facebook doesn’t cut it.

    Lets test this theory out; how many of you gentlemen are willing to go down on a woman? Or let a woman give them head?

    I for one, will not, thank you very much.

  • loulou2lou

    Good nite.I’m not up to the challenge of protagonist tonite.At my age I’d rather Jo.

  • loulou2lou

    ps sometimes the best place to hide is in full view.

  • loulou2lou

    Good night Irene,Good night Irene,I’ll see U in my dreams..zzzzz

  • dgsea06

    Er, Um, the headline and story is by a former MARINE. Why does the photo show a US ARMY patch?
    There is a difference, y’know.

  • Shimata

    When will you people learn that a MARINE IS NOT a soldier? A MARINE is a MARINE. A Soldier is a Soldier. An Airman is an Airman. A Sailor is a Sailor.

  • ass eater

    this is situational sex going on here. being around men all day and night for years at a time, some of the soldiers started looking good to one another.

  • Knight

    I live in a “military town” with both marine and sailor bases.My group of friends consists of many former and active military (one currently renting a room at my house). While they all have stories that confirm what everyone suspects, the difference being guys can and do serve as openly gay men now (and anyone serving can get a Truvada prescription). My friend/renter is not only gay and serving, but very much a “pretty boy” in that most guys can sense there’s “something going on” after he interacts with them. And the thing is he gets a LOT of attention from EVERYONE; straight marines especially. He rarely ends up having sex with them, but they all seem to want to latch-on to him and get to know him (maybe it’s the POSSIBILITY of having sex with him). It’s just funny because everytime I pick him up at the airport he has 1 or 2 “new friends” (sometimes much higher ranking) walking beside him.

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