Accused of Injecting Victims With HIV

Four Arrested For Unsexy Sex Parties

Everyone has their sexual kinks, but Dutch coppers say four men took their’s too far. The queer quartet’s accused of drugging and raping at least five men at sex parties. As if that’s not bad enough, authorities also say they injected men with their own HIV positive blood, allegations two of the suspects have confirmed.

Two of them men will stand trial on charge of rape and premeditated severe assault, but not attempted murder:

Prosecution spokesman Paul Heidanus said Thursday that the two who confessed would face charges of rape and “premeditated severe assault,” which carries a maximum sentence of 16 years in prison.

He said they would not be charged with attempted murder “because of a Supreme Court ruling that found AIDS should no longer be seen as an inevitably fatal disease, but rather a chronic illness,” Heidanus said.

Another man faces charges of selling drugs, while police are still investigating the fourth man’s role in the dangerous sex games.