FOX Outgays All Other Broadcast Networks In GLAAD’s “Where We Are On TV” Report

glee_likes_boysThis week, GLAAD released two of its major annual media reportsWhere We Are on TV, which “forecasts the expected presence of LGBT characters for the 2013-2014 television season,” and the Network Responsibility Index, which evaluates “the quantity and quality of images of LGBT people on television.”

The findings of the two reports indicate that TV representations of LGBT characters have contributed to broader social support for queer rights, while noting, “Public perception of transgender people seems to remain 20 years behind where it is now for gay and lesbian people.”

Where We Are on TV looks at the number of LGBT series regulars on scripted broadcast and cable shows, accounting for their sexual orientation, gender identity and race/ethnicity. It projects that, of 796 broadcast series regulars in the 2013-14 season, 3.3 percent will be LGBT, down from 4.4 percent last year. On cable, where seasons are not so neatly defined, the report indicates that the number of LGBT characters will increase to 42 (from 35) during the calendar year ending onMay 31, 2014.

In all of television, there is only one transgender series regular—Unique on Glee. Unique is played by cisgender male actor Alex Newell, which means that no series features a transgender actor in a regular role. The last time a trans character was featured on TV was during the 2008-09 season, when trans actor Candis Cayne had a supporting role on ABC’s forgotten Dirty Sexy Money. That same season, cis actor Rebecca Romijn played a transwoman on ABC’s Ugly Betty.

Between cable and network shows, the racial and ethnic representation of LGBT characters continues to be disproportionately white. On network TV, 33 of 46 LGBT characters are white, while on cable, 47 of 66 LGBT characters are white. Black characters are the next most represented group (5 on network, 10 on cable), followed by Latinos (2 on network, 5 on cable), Asian-Pacific Islanders (3 on network, 1 on cable), and other groups (3 on network, 3 on cable).

Of all the broadcast networks, Fox boasts the most diversity in all categories, with 5.4 percent of its characters classified as LGBT. Similarly encouraging, 32 percent of Fox characters are classified as people of color. ABC also counts 5.4 percent of its characters as LGBT, but it only can claim 22 percent as people of color. NBC boasts the worst representation of LGBT characters: of 203 series regulars on the network, only 2 are LGBT.

The Network Responsibility Index looks more at the networks as a whole, not just including scripted series, and ranks them as “Excellent,” “Good,” “Adequate” or “Failing.” On broadcast TV, it ranked Fox the number one most-inclusive network, noting that it included LGBT impressions in 42 percent of its primetime programming hours. Last year, Fox was ranked third at 24 percent. Rounding out the top 5 were ABC (33 percent), NBC (29 percent), The CW (28 percent, down from number 1 with 29 percent in 2011-12) and CBS (14 percent). On cable, the top 5 networks were ABC Family (50 percent), FX (40 percent), Showtime (31 percent), MTV (28 percent) and TLC (27 percent).

This year, no network received an “Excellent” rating from GLAAD. All of the broadcast networks received “Good” ratings, with the exception of CBS, which GLAAD labeled “Adequate” (maybe it’s time to reconsider all those gay jokes on Two and a Half Men). On cable, the History Channel and TBS received “Failing” grades, with GLAAD noting the lack of LGBT impressions in their programming.  The other major networks all received “Good” or “Adequate” designations.

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  • DanielStevens

    Wait a minute…. Correct me if I´m wrong (stupid foreigner here *lol*) isn´t FOX a subsidiary of the Fox Entertainment Group and isn´t that the same group that owns Fox News ?

    So at FOX you´ll get the most diverse and positive representation of every colour the rainbow has to offer and at Fox News you get a bunch of dumb homophobes (according to the news here at queerty) who spew so much bull*** into the air that I sometimes almost can´t believe it?!?

    So Fox loves and supports us and Fox News hate us and want us gone? But it´s the same company ?

    That´s like milky way having an ad campaign saying “we love you gays” and snickers having one at the same time with a slogan like “all fags should burn in hell”… Both are from the same company so I wouldn´t buy either of the two!

    Please tell me that I´m wrong and that the two channels actually are two different companys!
    I would hate to think that we are actually dumb\blind\entertainment-whory enough to watch (and therefore finance) a company that openly hates us but is clever enough to shake something glittery and shiny in front of our faces because it wants our money at the same time…

    (I´m so glad we don´t have such bull**** where I live. Seriously I sometimes read about Fox News here on queerty and can´t believe my eyes.. *lol* Same goes for Pat Robertson and friends. In my country that would qualify for “hate speech” and wouldn´t be allowed to air!)

  • Ogre Magi


  • DanielStevens

    @Ogre Magi: Seriously, people always think germany is a backwards hick-country (obviously because of the history). The politics are on par with the US, meaning there´s still a lot to be done but much has changed for the better!
    BUT the main media (tv, magazines, newspapers) are really pro gay (some are neutral or simply don´t voice opinions but at least they don´t spew homophobia into the air).
    That doesn´t mean we have less hate crimes, gay bashings etc. than the US but at least you can buy every newspaper, watch every tv channel, look at every billboard without getting offended or trashed ;0)

  • Larkin


    Fox News and Fox TV are owned by the same, but this ‘hypocrisy’ shouldn’t be surprising. Fox is a business first and foremost and they’d sell their mother for a buck.

    Fox News fills a conservative niche and they get ALL the conservative viewers, unlike liberal stations that have to share the liberal market.

    If all the stations were conservative, fox would switch to being a liberal station in a heartbeat, again to have a lock on a demographic.

    But they are going to be a liberal station in 20 years anyway as their base simply dies out.

  • litper

    Rethugs controlled media trying hard to push gay people back in the closet!

  • 2eo

    @DanielStevens: My only trip to Germany was tinged when I ate one of your countries awesome pretzels, but before the acid was washed off.

    It tasted like burning. Fortunately Lidl supermarkets here in the UK bake them fresh every day. Glorious, and the sausages, glorious.

    Visiting Auschwitz, I don’t have the verbal alacrity to describe.

  • DanielStevens

    @2eo: Pretzels are a bavarian thing not a german one ;0) Bavaria is a state in germany with a very different culture than the rest of the country (example: Pretzel, Weisswurst (white sausages, Dirndl etc.). You can find these things mainly in Bavaria and hardly ever anywhere else in germany)…

    As for Auschwitz: It´s a devastating tragedy what happened there and during that time of german history in general. Many people still have reservations or a bad feeling about germany because of what happened when that Austrian asshole (yes, Hitler was from Austria) was in charge. Don´t take this the wrong way (as I said it was a tragedy and just plain horrible) but all that happened over 65 years ago. The people who live here now, the people who are in charge now had nothing to do with it or weren´t even born yet.
    It´s like “the sins of our grandfathers”.
    I´m so over having every discussion (especially about foreign politics etc.) with someone from another country ending in the other one saying “Yeah, well.. well… eeehhhhmmm.. HITLER!”

    Back to topic: I´m just so shocked about a company being so two-faced and not even being a little sneaky about it and people just don´t care. I never experienced such blatant homophobia and such an open case of “Yeah, we hate you but here is something shiny now give us your money” and have people actually do it/fall for that without saying anything…

  • NormanJones

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  • DanielStevens

    @2eo: *lol*

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