Fox Pooh-Poohs Ellen’s Gay Nups

Fox News launched a war against Ellen DeGeneres.

We don’t watch the network, but radio host Michelangelo Signorile, who obviously has a higher tolerance for idiocy, passed on some shameful coverage about DeGeneres’ forthcoming gay marriage to Portia de Rossi:

This idiotic segment of The O’Reilly Factor — with E.D. Hill sitting in — presupposes that Ellen Degeneres has risked losing her advertisers over her announcement that she will get married, which is now a legal right for her in California.

The crazed guest, Laura Ries, an “advertising expert,” says there is a “danger” to Ellen talking about getting married. Hill ponders something she finds more interesting: “How did a 50-year-old woman get a 35-year-old woman?”

Meanwhile, idiot Fox overnight host Greg Gutfeld — in his “Greg-alogue” segment — says Ellen should keep her wedding to herself, and that speaking about it is equivalent to talking about your “bowel movements.”

Funny, that’s basically what we think of Gutfeld: he’s a pile of shit.

Check out the videos after the jump – if you dare…