Fox Pooh-Poohs Ellen’s Gay Nups

Fox News launched a war against Ellen DeGeneres.

We don’t watch the network, but radio host Michelangelo Signorile, who obviously has a higher tolerance for idiocy, passed on some shameful coverage about DeGeneres’ forthcoming gay marriage to Portia de Rossi:

This idiotic segment of The O’Reilly Factor — with E.D. Hill sitting in — presupposes that Ellen Degeneres has risked losing her advertisers over her announcement that she will get married, which is now a legal right for her in California.

The crazed guest, Laura Ries, an “advertising expert,” says there is a “danger” to Ellen talking about getting married. Hill ponders something she finds more interesting: “How did a 50-year-old woman get a 35-year-old woman?”

Meanwhile, idiot Fox overnight host Greg Gutfeld — in his “Greg-alogue” segment — says Ellen should keep her wedding to herself, and that speaking about it is equivalent to talking about your “bowel movements.”

Funny, that’s basically what we think of Gutfeld: he’s a pile of shit.

Check out the videos after the jump – if you dare…

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  • Mike

    I was tyring to find a less crass way to say Jackass, but I couldn’t find one.

  • Darth Paul

    “How did a 50-year-old woman get a 35-year-old woman?”

    Probably by NOT being an shrill, twisted, hateful, desiccated cooze I should imagine.

  • mjc

    i saw this on signorelle’s blog but didn’t watch the clips, which i just watched here since you convienently embedded them! so, these complete tools – its very obvious, greg, especially, is just baffled by Portia’s lesbianism in the first place, and this just baffles him further! How can this be!? she is so hot?! why ellen!? why not me! what a pathetic sack of shit.

    he never talks about his marriage because its probably miserable. how could it NOT be? he’s one of the worst people alive.

    and how can that woman say jay leno is a good talk show host! he’s horrible! and not talk about your personal lives? then how come howard stern is so popular? and reality television? people are voyeurs, and just plain nosy.

    also – greg’s graphics and font are equally as bad as his personality.

  • Qjersey

    Ellen is making a farce out of marriage, meanwhile a Republican congressman from NY just got caught with a long term mistress AND daughter.

    yeah the conservatives are doing a fine job protecting the institution of marriage.

  • nikko

    I liked both…..I don’t see the problem. They certainly were not anti-gay. Sometimes I wonder about the super reactionary gays that knock down anyone/thing that seems right wing. Nobody is 100% correct on everything, neither gays nor right wing.

  • Andy Peters

    Yes. It’s true. When Ellen marries, advertisers will melt away like ice cubes. Also, civilization as we know it will begin an irreversible downward spiral. Puppies will start puking blood, skies won’t be pretty any more, incidents of nostril raping will rise, it will rain sporks. Oh, and baby Jesus will cry.

    All because Ellen got married. Man, she’s selfish.

  • unclemike

    I pity those poor Canadians, who have been dealing with fire and brimstone raining down upon them since approving same-gender marriage years ago. Frankly, I’m surprised any babies are born at all up there, since legal marriage turned everyone gay.

    It’s amazing that they’ve been able to completely cover up all these calamities.

  • CitizenGeek

    Ah, typical Fox News idiocy. It was like when Bill O’Reilly invented statistics that endorsements from gay organisations would make the average American less likely to vote for the candidate, following the historic Logo presidential debate. Barney Frank was right when he said Fox News try to portray everything liberal in a negative light.

  • Lika Starr

    I found this quite funny. Of course it’s not going to hurt Ellen’s show. She didn’t even make a big deal about it. It’s obvious that her audience is happy for her. A happy audience makes happy advertisers – duh!

    Oh and I think Greg sounds a bit jealous :D

  • mmmexperimental

    ‘Funny, that’s basically what we think of Gutfeld: he’s a pile of shit.’

    Seriously, I love Queerty!!! ;}

  • Timothy

    I think perhaps the anti-Fox folks are so looking for insult that they see it where none exists.

    All of the O’Rielly folk agreed that Ellen’s entitled to marry and be happy. One idiot predicted loss of ad revenue and another talking head predicted the opposite. But no one said anything anti-gay (though clealy the idiot wansn’t that comfortable with teh geeey).

    And as for the “how did she get a 35 year old” question, I think that sounded the same as if it were a 50 year old man. It didn’t sound homophobic to me at all.

    As for Gutfield, he just wasn’t funny. Again I didn’t get rabid homophobia as much as just a stupid straight guy trying to do stand-up. Dumb but not overly offensive.

  • Snoodle

    I personally think he’s jealous Ellen has such a lovely woman on her arm ;)

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