Pressuring Senator To Vote "No"

FRC Still After Hate Crimes

Family Research Council have put their anti-hate crime law crusade into overdrive. The “family” champions are circulating a recorded message asking Tennessee voters to pressure Senator Lamar Alexander into voting against the bill.

The Christian group’s worried Alexander, who has previously voted for similar legislation in 2004, plans to vote for the hate crime law, which, as you all know, will lead to our planet’s hellish destruction.

Now they’re pulling out all the telephonic stops to stop Alexander…

From Nashville Post:

The Family Research Council is placing automated calls (sometimes known as “robo-calls”) to Nashville households about legislation that would include attacks motivated by the victim’s sexual orientation among the offenses covered by federal hate-crime laws.

In the recording, an audio excerpt from which is available at this link, FRC Vice President for Communications Charmaine Yoest warns voters about “legislation that would provide extra punishment for certain crimes committed against specially protected classes of people.” Yoest urges the call recipients to telephone Alexander’s Nashville office and urge that the senator “vote ‘no’ on any hate-crimes bill that grants special protection to people because of their sexual preferences.”

Alexander’s flacks, meanwhile, insist the Senator hasn’t decided which way he’ll lean. Perhaps gay Tennessee residents can lean on him, as well.

Give old Lamar’s Nashville office a ring at (615) 736-5129 or you can call his DC digs: (202) 224-4944.