Fred Karger Restarts Quest For Maggie Gallagher’s Elusive Husband, Raman Srivastav

Back in 2010, gay GOP presidential candidate Fred Karger wrote an open letter to National Organization for Marriage founder Maggie Gallagher, asking her to reveal the whereabouts of her husband of 20 years, Raman Srivastav.

Now Karger, whose campaign is all but dead, is raising the issue again. He’s sent another open letter asking why she never wears a wedding ring or brings Raman to public functions:

I was on Thomas Roberts’ show MSNBC Live with the founder of the National Organization for Marriage, Maggie Gallagher. We were on MSNBC so she could try and defend the treasure trove of “Confidential” NOM documents that had just been uncovered as a result of the 2009 investigation that I got launched against NOM in Maine.

Maggie and I were in separate studios although we met afterwards for this photo and a chance to visit. I asked Maggie if she was still living in New York, and she told me that she moved to Washington, DC nearly three years ago. What about her husband Roman [sic] Srivastav?

She allegedly married this East Indian man 19 years ago after living as an unwed mother for 11 years. No one has ever seen Maggie with Raman. Wonder if they really did get married? If so, maybe so he could get a green card?

Queerty put in a call to Gallagher to check about Raman’s whereabouts, but it went straight to her voicemail. We’ll update you in the unlikely event she should respond.

We also gave GOProud Jimmy LaSalvia a ring. Said LaSalvia: “I only met Maggie Gallagher once in 2010 at CPAC. She came over to say hi and that was about it. I don’t know much or anything about her family.”

Nobody does, Jimmy. Nobody does.

No pictures of him seem to exist, and Maggie has never brought him to a political event, unlike NOM’s other “family-oriented” leader Brian Brown, who trots out his clan at every opportunity.

Anyone who has pictures of Raman or evidence that he exists (or doesn’t) can send it to us at [email protected]. Now that we’re thinking about it, researchers just confirmed that many anti-gay crusaders have repressed gay feelings. Is it possible Maggie Gallagher is—gasp—a lesbian?

Or, even weirder, since apparently no one has seen Raman and Maggie together in the same room, could it be they’re actually the same person?