Watched As Scotty Weaver Died

“Friend” Pleads Guilty In Gay Murder

Et tu Nicole? A 21-year old Alabaman woman named Nicole Kelsay pleaded guilty to the 2004 murder of her “life-long friend” Scotty Weaver. Kelsay stood by while Christopher Gaines and Robert Porter, Weaver’s roommates, beat him to death and burned his body.

Kelsay received a 20-year sentence for her role in the 18-year old’s death, but her plea allows a 6-year patrol period. The girl remained mute in court yesterday, even while Scotty’s mourning mother asked for an explanation. Mrs. Weaver’s confusion continued after the hearing. She hypothetically asked journos:

Why did she do it? Why did she plot to hurt him like that, because he never done nothing to her. He always tried to help her.

Friend in need? Hardly!

Gaines and Porter were sentenced earlier this year. They’ll be spending the rest of their lives behind bar.

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  • Paul Raposo

    Although I hope Kelsey, Gains and Porter rot in prison and die miserable and a lone, I will also choose to remember Mr. Weaver as he was:

    “‘Just for Scotty. He was a sweet, sweet child,’ said White, whose son was friends with the victim. ‘He was sweet kid, funny, always smiling — a happy-go-lucky individual. He loved his friends, loved his mother. … There’s just no reason for this.'”

  • melissa

    i believe that nicole did not conspire to do this i believe the 2 boys threatened her to do the same to her and fearful of her life or families lives she kept silent but i believeeve we should put ourselves in both parties shoes yes it is a sad event that took place for scotty and the 2 that actually killed scotty should remain in jail but nicole should be release on parole to prove she can be apart of society and be given a chance to do so. she has paid he debt to society and if she was your child you would want her free. i know some people disagree but i feel she was not apart of this just wrong place wrong time with the wrong people also she was still a teen some adults would have done the same this by that i mean kept quiet

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