Ft. Worth Police Play Blame Game with Texas’ Alcohol Commission


And so it’s come to this. In the aftermath of the Ft. Worth Stonewall-esque bar raid on the Rainbow Lounge, the Ft. Worth Police are cutting ties with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission until an internal affairs investigation sorts out who, if anyone, was at fault during an “underage drinking crackdown” that left Chad Gibson in the hospital. What’s more, Police Chief Jeff Halstead (pictured) might make those officers involved in the raid — who claimed the patrons they tried arresting made sexual advances to them during the raid — take “multicultural training.” This wouldn’t have something to with all the media attention and pressure from local lawmakers, would it?

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  • tinkerbell

    @DNW!!!: It sounds like you are quite the hottie, just like the buzz-cut, paramilitary wanna-be cops that hate fags. Better watch the crotch, dude.

    We’re all lusting after all of the high school educated, right-winged, red-state hetero-esque cops who are just looking for a reason to beat us into a sub-dural hematoma-induced state just because they can get away with it. Hmmmmm…somehow I’m still just not still buying it. Somehow I’m still buying the gays who have nothing to gain by telling the truth over the gay-hating rednecks of the south have everything to gain. Call me simple, BUT……!!!!

  • hugh

    I have a theory about why homophobic straight men react the way they do, and why they assume they are God’s gift to The Gays.
    It’s simple, really. They think that gay men are looking at them and thinking the same disgusting and objectifying thoughts that they (the straight pig-men) have whenever they look at a woman. Any woman. Even a fellow officer. Even the Mayor Pro Tem.

  • schlukitz


    “I have a theory about why homophobic straight men react the way they do”

    I agree with you 100%, Hugh.

    Thing is, however, this DNW character sounds more like he is a homo-hating gay man since he admits going to the clubs.

    Truth be known, it probably makes him feel a little less like the self-conscious femme fatale he probably is and oh so ever butch to toss about degrading comments like “desperate fags” and “fugly messes” on a gay blog site. We are just sooooooo impressed with his machismo. NOT!

    A real warm and loving human being. NOT!

  • alan brickman

    maybe gays did hit on them…but that still doesn’t give the police or anyone the right to almost kill one… idiots!!…

  • Rudy

    Why are you guys buying into any of this?
    These are traditional lies to cover bad cop behavior.

  • Phoenix (Yes That Is A Gun In My Pocket, And No I'm Not Happy To See You)

    According to some witness reports Gibson, who had a water bottle in his hand, was asked by a TABC agent how much he’d had to drink. When he replied “I don’t have to tell you that” or “That’s none of your business” he was thrown on the ground and arrested. His behavior after wards (trouble walking, slurring speech, vomiting) are consistent with a head injury.


    Why not let Mayor Mike Moncrief (ph# 817-392-6118) know what you really think of him and his police department? Why not let the city counsel also know what you think of ’em too?

  • Joanaroo

    Yes, Phoenix, those are exact signs of head injury and those brutal homophobic cops should be sued for causing Mr. Gibson’s injury. The idiots better be glad it did not become a fatal injury. And this “multi-cultural training”? MY ASS! More like training these rednex they can’t beat the shit out of everyone. What a goddamn bunch of idiots!

  • galefan2004

    Let me ask this question…


  • LoveMoby


    Couldnt have said it better sir!

  • LoveMoby


    Must be exhausting what with the millions of fugly fags after you. NARCISSISTIC much????

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