Gay Ads We’d Like to See During the Super Bowl


It’s that time of year when marketing agencies dump tons of cash into talking frogs, sock puppets and Clydesdale’s, which, growing up, was the only thing that made watching the Superbowl any fun. Sorry, hetero football lovers, but it’s no longer just your tastes that are being catered to, as companies realize that we homosexuals love to spend cash just as much as the next person.

In anticipation of some Super Bowl fun, here are our favorite gay ads, including one that we consider the best of all time.

This Norwegian PSA would never fly in America because – HEY! – it says homosexuality is nothing to be afraid of! Imagine the public outcry if our airwaves were filled with the evil, horrible message that the way you are is not something to fear. Also, imagine what a difference it could make to a kid in the middle of nowhere wondering if he’s normal.

This Levi’s ad, which runs on Logo, sends the all important message that putting on a pair of jeans will not only get you a hot guy, but also destroy your apartment. Augh! All that midcentury furniture laid to waste for a hot blond guy! So conflicted!

This is not a real-ad, but rather a spoof PSA by Montreal funnyman John LaJoie. We sort of have a YouTube crush on LaJoie here at Queerty World Headquarters and put his video “Sunday Afternoon” on whenever we need something to motivate us to do chores. In any event, he owes all of you some kidney beans.

So, Matimli is Israel’s answer to Big & Tall and in this ad, a “plus-sized” lady, who is not plus-sized at all goes around town with a timer seeing how long it takes for men to check her out. Which would be really annoying, but she gets her comeuppance when she passes a smoking hot guy who never looks back. When she turns around, she finds out why. Ha! Ha! Homosexuals!

You can see the punchline to this ad, created by the International Lesbian & Gay Association coming a mile away, but the reaction of the two parents to their son’s confession is priceless.

Now, we’re limiting the “not-really-gay” commercials to just this one, and Virgin Atlantic only gets a nod because up until the reveal, it’s very very gay. Also, this happens to us on planes all the time– and never in a way that you know, we would like.

Okay, we have a question for you about this MTV ad. Is it saying that if girls don’t pay attention to guys, the guys will turn gay or what? I mean, I think it’s awesome to see bisexuality in an ad, but the set-up’s a little weird.

This French PSA advocating safe-sex is the best gay ad we’ve ever seen. It’s visually dazzling, heart-warming, funny and poignant. You can’t help but identify with the hero of the ad, who goes from a doll-loving young boy to a young gay guy with horrible taste in guys– but don’t worry, he gets his happy ending. The French text at the end reads “Live long enough to find the right one. Protect Yourself.”

Do you think we’ll start seeing more gay ads in America? Are the PSA’s effective in their message? Do you think they have the power to change punlic opinion?

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