Gay Couple Claims A Kiss Got Them Ejected From Popular Nightclub

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 10.04.12 AMA gay couple alleges they were booted from Cardiff, Wales nightclub DC after they were seen kissing.

Oliver Brown, 21, and his boyfriend Hugh, 22, both students at Cardiff Metropolitan University, claim they were grabbed by another patron of the bar after their embrace and promptly ejected from the club.

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According to their version of events, a homophobic slur was also hurled their way.

The club naturally contends their story is made up. Richard Jackson, the owner, accuses the two of “spraying drinks around” at at office party. He says they were warned, but were thrown out when they continued spraying their drinks. How does one spray a drink, exactly? We aren’t entirely sure.

Brown says he remembers things clearly as he was on antibiotics at the time and not drinking.

“They said we were throwing drinks around, which was totally not the case – why waste alcohol?” he told Wales Online like a true 21-year-old.

“If he had said he was kicking us out because we were fighting I wouldn’t have a problem with that,” he added. “But he saw us kissing so it was clear that was his problem, it wasn’t anything we had done.”

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Jackson says a third of his staff is LGBT and insisted his club isn’t run by bigots.

The incident is one of 29 complaints police have cited in a request for the club’s license to be reviewed. Among them are assaults and underage drinking. The drinking age in the U.K. is 18 — sounds messy.

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