UK Bar Accused of Dismissing Straights

Gay Discriminators?

Even gay people can discriminate. Brighton-based lesbian Samantha Baskerville claims popular gay bar Legends turned away her straight friends during last weekend’s pride revelry.

They refused entry to our straight friends saying it was full yet they let me and anyone else who was gay in. If this was a gay couple being refused to a straight club they would be suing now. I think to discriminate against them is disgusting, especially during Pride.

Legends certainly wouldn’t be the first gay venue to eschew straights.

Australia’s The Peel Hotel recently won a case allowing it to turn away so-called breeders. The Peel Hotel claims they’re protecting their queer patrons from being turned into side shows. Legends makes no such claim. In fact, they claim Baskerville’s mistaken. General manager Reece Roberts insists they wouldn’t turn someone away because they’re straight:

There must have been some particular reason if they were turned away. The only reason somebody would not have been allowed in is because we were at capacity or they were too drunk… It was an exceptional night with an exceptionally good mixed atmosphere with a higher number of predominantly gay people.

Legends, formerly called The New Europe Hotel, apparently has a history of anti-straight behavior. They once banned all straights, but were forced to change their prejudicial ways after British lawmakers passed broad anti-discrimination laws earlier this year. Could it be old habits die hard?

If Legends did, in fact, turn people away simply for being straight…well, that’s wack.