Gay Foe Wants To Be Gay Friend

Former Tennessee Senator Jeff Miller‘s either really dumb or really desperate. You may recognize Miller’s name from his work pushing for a ban on same-sex marriage. Working tirelessly, Miller succeeded in getting the measure on the ballot, only to find his life crumble around him as his wife filed for divorce over “inappropriate marital conduct: and he lost his seat in a bribery scandal.

Now, it seems, Miller’s charting a new direction, for he’s offered his lobbying services to pro-LGBTer, the Tennessee Equality Project. Of course, the folks over at TEP aren’t jumping for joys. President Chris Sanders remarked that Miller’s request is “certainly not one that we’re going to follow up on,” and went on to question Miller’s political judgement: “I suppose he thinks helping pass discriminatory bills would make him an effective advocate for the gay, lesbian and transgender community.” Oh, snap!

Sure, hiring Miller may seem a bit contradictory, but think of it this way: he certainly knows the enemy. Plus he’s got some wicked hair.