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Gay Former Trump official is absolutely furious at Kamala Harris for being… straight?

A former member of the Trump administration, who also happens to be gay, is blasting Joe Biden for choosing a straight running mate. Because how dare Kamala Harris be heterosexual!

This week, Richard Grenell said Biden “still thinks gays are security risks” since he chose Kamala Harris, who is straight, as his running mate instead of, say, Lori Lightfoot or Pete Buttigieg or Tammy Baldwin or some other LGTBQ person.

Although we’re pretty sure Grenell, who served as U.S. ambassador to Germany for two years before resigning in June, would’ve found something wrong with any of them, too.

“@JoeBiden clearly still thinks gays are security risks,” Grenell tweeted this week. “No gays or lesbians even considered.”

Grenell’s tweet also included a link to a Fox News article criticizing Biden’s record on LGBTQ rights.

The article is based on a response Biden gave to a question in 1973 about whether gay people should serve openly in the military or civil service.

“My gut reaction is that [gay people] are security risks but I must admit I haven’t given this much thought,” he said 47 yeas ago. “I’ll be darned!”

The fact the Grenell, who was five years old at the time Biden made the remarks, is still upset over them when Trump has been actively working to undermine LGBTQ equality for the past three and a half years is deeply ironic.

Also ironic is the fact that, almost five decades later, Biden would not only be super pro-LGBTQ himself, but he would select a major LGBTQ ally to be his running mate against the most homophobic administration in modern history.

We have to say, this wasn’t an attack we were expecting. Most Republicans are pissed at Harris for being Black or Asian-American or a woman. Few seem bothered by her heterosexuality.

Here’s how people responded to Grenell’s feigned outrage over  Harris’s straightness…

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