Gay Groups Angry KS Sodomy Law Is Still On The Books. No Duh

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback (right) has a list of more than 50 outdated statutes he wants to repeal, but the state’s unconstitutional sodomy law isn’t one of them.

Unsurprisingly, this has ticked off LGBT activists in the state.

Reports Reuters:

“We’re not disappointed, we’re angry,” said Thomas Witt, chairman of the Kansas Equality Coalition, a state gay rights group. “We are angry that the governor of a state wants to keep a statute on the books that says gay people deserve to go to jail.”

Although the law is unlikely to be enforced, getting it off the books is advisable in case the Supreme Court should ever overturn its 2003 ruling, said Charles Joughin, spokesman for the Human Rights Campaign.

The Supreme Court ruled sodomy laws were unconstitutional in 20073’s Lawrence vs. Texas, but Brownback, a conservative Republican, has some wonky views when it comes to us gays: He believes homosexuality to be a violation of both Catholic doctrine and natural law. As a senator, he even attempted to block the confirmation of federal judge Janet T. Neff  simply because she had attended a same-sex commitment ceremony. (Brownback later said he’d approve her if she recused herself from any case involving same-sex ceremonies.)

In fact the only smart thing we can tell Brownback has done is create the Office of the Repealer, which has recommended repealing dozens of laws covering agriculture, taxes, labor and more. Seems like the guy thinks its best to get government out of areas it doesn’t belong in—unless it suits his personal values.

Man, we almost wish this a-hole was running for president. We could come up with a definition for “Brownback” that’d make Santorum  sound like Mom’s apple pie.

Anyone want to offer a suggestion? Drop your definition in the comments below.

Photos: Wikipedia, ChvhLR10

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  • hyhybt

    “2003 ruling” is correct; next sentence’s “in 2007” is not :)

  • Thomas Witt

    We already have a definition for “brownback.”

    brownback (n). That persistent stain caused by prolonged exposure to santorum.

  • B

    How about:

    brownback (v) to wipe the mess off using the receptive partner’s back after barebacking him while he is in a face-down position and suffering from diarrhea.

    Not that I’d recommend actually doing that.

  • Rainfish2000

    The sodomy laws are as unenforceable in Kansas as is being required to have someone walk in front of a Model-T automobile and wave a red lantern to warn horse-drawn carriages of your approach. It’s dead. I truly doubt that any future US Supreme Court would overturn Lawrence vs Texas any more than they would overturn Loving vs. Virginia.

    Even the very conservative Kansas State Supreme Court, over six years ago, forced a rewording of the sodomy laws involving consenting sex between gay teenagers in order to end gender disparity in the law.

    READ the CASE BELOW: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State_v._Limon

    “The Kansas Supreme Court ruled on October 21, 2005, that the “Romeo and Juliet” statute violated the Equal Protection Clauses of both the United States Constitution and the Kansas constitution and struck the words “and are members of the opposite sex” from K.S.A. § 21-3522…”

    The Republicans are shooting blanks on this one. They’re just thugs who like to frighten innocent people while waving an empty gun. I suspect most GOP troglodytes were school-yard bullies before they conned their way into political office by preying on the mob-mentality of their orc and troll minions.

  • queertypie

    “50 outdated statues”? Maybe they just need a good cleaning :)

  • Danny

    Politicians violating the human rights of millions of people. And people wonder why the rule of law ends around the world so frequently.


    He states “sodomy violates natural law”. BS! There are more than 600 animal species that engage in homosexual behavour. Chimps, dolphins, bison.

  • GOD (gay old dude)

    No one is going to come into your bedroom and yank your buddy’s dick out of your mouth. This is all posing for his evangelical base. It’s a law that in all practicality cannot be enforced. Much ado about nothing.

  • indorri

    @TASTEY GOODIES “Natural Law” is a Catholic codeword for “deistic theonomy”. It has nothing to do with actual nature. All it is is taking a bunch of presuppositions on the existence and nature of a transcendental god (whose description mysteriously matches that of the traditional Christian god) and deducing morality from that.

    It’s basically theological posturing pretending to be objective.

  • dealwithit

    why is everyone worried??
    its not like the police are going to break into your bedrooms and inspect your assholes

  • lohen

    gaaahhhh fuck

    politics makes me hate everything >.< wants a moderate republican who doesnt hate my guts cause i have sex differently than him/her

    im convinced obama is a communist… i listend to that speech and all i heard were communist ideals and nazi practices ex the civilian army.

  • Danny

    Well, just don’t support the economy in Kansas anymore. And find ways to cost the state more money.

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