The outer limits

Gay love got exceedinglyy real on “Star Trek: Discovery” this weekend

Ever think you’d live to see the day gay characters were openly whizzing through space on Star Trek?

On Sunday evening, the TV franchise made the romantic relationship between Dr. Culber (Wilson Cruz) and Lt. Stamets (Anthony Rapp) abundantly clear on Star Trek: Discovery.

The scene features the two characters in matching red pajamas, brushing their teeth with enviably futuristic toothbrushes.

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Oh, and because you were wondering, Rapp tells Variety the PJs were “very, very, very comfortable.”

In the scene, Cruz says:

 “Well, one tends to worry when they’re doomed to love a brilliant but reckless maniac who’s willing to risk his life for glory….You may not care about you. But I do.”

Ooh, drama, no? And Cruz tweets he was moved to tears by the scene. Drama.

The scene hasn’t quite made it online yet, but we’ll post it as soon as it does.