Gay Man Left Paralyzed After Being Brutally Stabbed In Possible Hate Crime

scott-jonesA Canadian man is in the hospital today, and he may never walk again. At 2:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, Scott Jones, 27, and a group of friends were walking down the street in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, when 19 year-old Shane Edward Matheson and an unidentified accomplice approached them. Matheson proceeded to stab Jones in the back twice and attempted to slit his throat.

Jones’s roommate, Amy Punke, was present at the time of the attack. She believes Jones was targeted because he is gay, and she — like the rest of us — is trying to make sense of what happened. “I’m not angry at all,” Punke told CTV News. “Just disbelief. And sad that things like this still happen.”

Jones is the organist and choir director at First Presbyterian Church in New Glasgow, where one fellow congregant described the “numbness” and “frustration” among community members at the moment.

Jones, on the other hand, is reportedly in good spirits. He has been moved from Aberdeen Hospital in New Glasgow to the larger Queen Elizabeth Health Sciences Centre in Halifax. According to CTV News, early indications suggest that Jones will remain paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of his life.

Although police cannot confirm whether or not this attack was a hate crime, Matheson has been charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and possession of a weapon dangerous to public peace. In addition, Matheson also faces weapons charges from another incident on Friday evening, in which he assaulted an 18 year-old woman. The two attacks do not appear to be related, according to police.

While there is no word on the other man involved in Jones’s attack, Matheson is expected in court on Tuesday, October 14. Courts are closed today in observance of Canada’s Thanksgiving. We will continue to follow this case as details unfold.

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  • Stache1

    That is just so sad. They may not have killed him but this is the equivalent of death. I hope they put his attackers away for life or at the very least make them pay for his medical bills for the rest of his life.

  • Lawerence

    But but but according to the vile demonic hateful soulless zombie Rethuglican sheets the Valueless Voters Summit, where fear ignorance bigotry homophobia and hate rule, these kinds of things simply don’t exist! So he must of done this to himself, right!? (Extreme sarcasm)

  • sfbeast

    Horrible horrible. There is no punishment harsh enough for this monster. I wish Scott all the best in order to deal with what he has to face.

  • Dakotahgeo

    I pray that Scott will be able to take advantage of any and ALL medical technologies today to restore him to perfect health! Also for his friends who had to endure such unimaginable hate and emotional trauma! I can only dream of being the Judge at this civil courtroom case. Eternity in pain and agony is not good enough for Scott’s assailants!

  • Mikah

    Terrible.I hope for the best….poor baby.

  • canadalaw

    I grew up in New Glasgow. I now live in another city. When i was growing up there, it was a live and let live place. Years ago, a homophobic politician had been elected there, but when she spurted her garbage, most people condemned her for it.

    I am hoping that this senseless and disgusting incident sparks a conversation there. I know there are marches happening and I for one wish i was there to march

  • buckyboy69

    I am amazed that he is able to maintain his good spirits. I wish and swift and complete recovery.

  • GymJockTX

    God almighty, this beautiful guy just walking down the street gets stabbed in an unprovoked attacked by street punks, and is now probably paralyzed below the waist for life–and this MIGHT BE a HATE CRIME? WTF!! The punks who did this should be made into Bubba’s beyotches at Attica! Where is the outrage? WTF has happened to the sense of humanity and justice?

  • Shanestud

    Queerty, due to space limitations is not telling you the whole story. Canadian news reports indicate that the attacker Matheson came up from behind and whispered something in victim Scott Jones’ ear before he stabbed him. What did he say? Did they know each other? Was this a (closeted) lover who saw Jones in the bar with Amy Punke and went inti a jealous rage? The police arrested Matheson at his home shortly thereafter. Someone knew who he was and where he lived.

  • murphy0071

    Based on the history, he may have been an equal opportunity criminal both men and women. However, since many homophobes also hate women, it was likely a hate crime. Too bad more men who kill and main women are not tried for what it is a hate crime in many cases.

  • GymJockTX

    @Shanestud: I appreciate the clarification. But regardless of the back story, I agree with ‘sfbeast’: No punishment is harsh enough. But a lifetime of Bubba dancing for Matheson and his partner in crime sounds like a pretty good start at just rewards. No mercy for the ruination of someone’s life. God can forgive them later on if He wants.

    Kudos to Scott Jones for his unbelievably positive attitude. Given his situation, that’s an incredible testimony to what he’s made of. Godspeed to you, Scott. Your strength of spirit and character are admirable beyond words.

  • Errol Semple

    Transplant the criminal’s spinal cord to the victim.

  • Teleny

    @murphy0071: that is so true.,,

  • Teleny

    I’m so sick of reading about these hate crimes. I wish we could use Pride events to raise funds to ruin these people and their families, hire the mob to do a hit or something. I know these things are not plausible but I’m so tired of our community bring victimized.

  • Kenover

    I hope they put this vicious bastard behind bars for the rest of his life.

  • Nick

    the alleged perp should have his man parts, (” probably ones he has shared with many other gents b4 in his lifetime) severed at the testes and them rammed so far up his ass that gay or not he would now be part of this community and for once stand up for what the queer community is about and is subjected to face on a regular basis. perhaps rather than a punishment like this and of this nature, blindfold and strip the prick and let any1 and every1 from the L.G.B.T.Q. community publicly stone him, ( in his stones) in the town square ! the “m.f bastard” shud b put to death and not in the most pleasant of means and manners and methods.
    the fucking Co**suck** which he more than likely is, but, of the closeted nature !

  • GymJockTX

    @Teleny: Teleny: I agree with you. It’d be A-OK with me if somehow that came to be. It goes without saying this would also be one way to thin the herd of RepugnantCons–there are so many closeted Repugs acting out in hateful and violent ways, a/k/a Reaction Formation in Psych 101. Amazing how much ugliness is brought into the world from ignorance, fear and hate.

    Making me wish I knew some Mob boys. I’d sure be willing to donate to that cause!

  • Nick

    gymjock- don’t no if i can still locate him, but, thought of perhaps lookin up “Uncle Tunuse”, ( the wop uncle of the klan) to see if he and his crew were available for a little leg shortening or concrete shoe fitting !

  • GymJockTX

    @Nick: I’m with you, man. When a school bully picked on me in 8th grade, I convinced my dad to get out the boxing gloves and coach me a bit. A few weeks later I clocked the redneck really good, enough to draw blood, and the punk never picked on me again.

    What’s really too rich for words, is that about the worst thing these bullies can imagine is to have to walk around with a black eye that a known homo planted on their mug. That was immensely satisfying to me. Sort of makes me wonder what happened to that group in NYC from around the 90’s or so, the “Guardian Angels” I think was their handle. Volunteers who canvassed Manhattan to offer protection to people in need, often gay guys getting beaten up. We need that kind of pugilistic solidarity in more communities.

    Sometimes the only thing a bully understands is a few good punches upside the head. Happy to oblige the ignoramuses.

  • jkb

    it’s canada, so he’ll probably get about 10 years.

  • Virtus Dude

    I am not naive to think that these stories still do not go on and commend Queety and others for continuing to shine the light on them. I ask all media (as I will be forwarding this to you – you know who you are – keep shinning the light on these stories. They are important. This isn’t just some “normal” dude fight in an alley this is a hate crime. And a hate crime, as most politicians on both sides of the aisle is far worse. I pray for the victim here and hope he will get better. I also thank those in our community for their good work and also still bringing a story like this to the forefront. It’s 2013 but we still all have a lot of work to do

    Los Angeles

    (P.S., wrong to be slightly turned on by GymJockTX’s note? Not the right time for humor, or truth as the case may be. I WISH my Dad had taught me how to box in junior high. I lifted but it wasn’t the same. Too bad the bully I faced was me, myself and I and not taunting by other mates. I’m not sure which is worse.)

  • seaguy

    Too bad Canada does not have the death penalty because the evil SOB’s that did this deserve nothing less.

  • GymJockTX

    @seaguy: I agree. People who have nothing to offer other than brutally attacking, ruining the life of or murdering a fellow human being (which clearly these thugs would have been okay with) deserve to be taken out and shot like rabid dogs, with extreme prejudice. The world would be an infinitely better place without the lot of them.

  • Lyceius

    This story is awful…. I wish I could reach out to him as I am also paralyzed having fell 30 feet when I was 18…. not it is not nearly as tragic as this poor mans injury but it helped me after I got hurt to communicate with others with a similar injury to know that life did not have to be over.

    There is no punishment too great for the person responsible for this.

  • Billysees


    Good sensible comment.

    “….the “Guardian Angels”….Volunteers who canvassed Manhattan to offer protection to people in need, often gay guys getting beaten up. We need that kind of pugilistic solidarity in more communities. ”

    My advice, though not very practical, is — try not to walk around by yourself if possible, especially at night.

  • GymJockTX

    @Billysees: Good point about not flying solo. Or if you’re solo, and you’re a bit on the smaller side, i.e., an easier target for coward bullies, carry Mace. A big can of it.

    This thread has sparked my interest. I’m going to do some research into the Guardian Angels.

  • Nick

    many years ago, if my memory serves me correctly, the Guardian Angels did come to Toronto to try to establish as chapter here. i think, and could be wrong, that it was the mayor at that time that stated he/she did not want a group representing this type of vigilantism roaming the streets of Toronto.. good bad or indifferent !

  • Christopher

    @Stache1: While I think you had good intentions, I actually am taken aback by your comment. I am paralyzed from the waist down, and in no way is that equivalent to death. I can assure you that I have achieved more being paralyzed than I did when I was walking. While what was done was horrible, it isn’t a death sentence by any means.

  • mezzacanadese

    I am appalled by this person’s actions. Obviously, he needs help. I will pray for Scott.

  • Billysees


    Using any deterrent except a gun might not help at all.
    But carrying a gun sounds dreadful and unwise.

    Let us know what you learn about the Guardian Angels.

    The existence of such a “help” as that sounds good.

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