Gay Mormon In Texas Comes Out, Wants To Meet Davey Wavey

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 4.58.31 PMSwinging open those closet doors is almost always fraught with many personal challenges, but imagine growing up as a gay Mormon in central Texas. Davey Wavey recently learned about Conner, a depressed gay LDS living in the conservative southern state, via on the gay social network app Moovz and hopped in a car with fellow YouTube personalities Matthew Lush and Nick Laws, and Oriol Pamies, head of development at Moovz, for a road-trip to College Station, Texas to meet his fan.

In the clip Conner talks about the guilt he’s felt for being gay and checking out guys and how depressing the future seemed to him. As Davey adds, the internet has helped make gay youth feel less lonely by creating a community of friends online.

The video they filmed serves as a launch for Moovz’s initiative to encourage other people to share their own person coming out stories with #ComingOut in celebration of national coming out day Saturday.

Watch the meeting between Davey and Conner take place below.

Sexy entertainer Chris Salvatore also participated in the project. Witness his coming out story below.