Size doesn't matter

This gay, plus-size model is challenging stereotypes around male beauty and succeeding

Ady Del Valle

Meet Ady Del Valle. He’s an openly gay, plus-size male model who has spent the past two years tirelessly challenging stereotypes around male beauty.

The 31-year-old Boston native first began modeling in 2016. Since then, he’s appeared in several magazine spreads and posed for campaigns for MVP Collections and Brandon Kyle Collection at Full Figured Fashion Week. He also walked for Volare at New York Fashion Week.

“Everyone’s process in learning to love themselves and gain confidence is different,” he tells Gay Star News. “I wasn’t like this three years ago.”

He adds, “I just decided not to care what anyone says or think anymore because I was not living for me, but for them. I had to take that power back and just be me.”

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As I close my eyes tonight and start a new chapter, a new journey. I will think not only all that I’ve accomplished but all those that I was able to help, touch and inspire to be themselves in some form through my images, projects, speaking and advocating. I hope I was the inspiration you needed this past year and represented you in the best light possible. All the lights, camera, action doesn’t matter if there’s no purpose behind it for me. Jumping on a bandwagon is not an option never was, building my own wagon has been my purpose. I hope to keep doing the same next year and beyond and do more to spread the message of love and acceptance and inclusion. Love you all and I hope you will follow my journey for new opportunities and adventures the next 12 months, lots in store, and putting it in the universe for many more opportunities on top of what’s to come. • • Love you.

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Del Valle says he has plenty of fans, including 13K Instagram followers, but, as to be expected, he also gets the occasional hater.

When asked about trolls leaving nasty comments online, Del Valle says, “It happens, [but] I’ve learned to grow tough skin and prepare myself for it. The positive always outweighs the negative.”

“The attention is nice and super sweet 98% of the time.”

The fact that Del Valle is plus-size and gay can also be a challenge.

“It is not easy being a plus-size on the gay scene,” he says. “You have to work ten times harder to get noticed and accepted. I haven’t had awful experiences, but I’ve seen and heard it from friends.”

He continues, “Even in clubs catered to us bigger men it’s still hard. Unfortunately, the same people in our community sometimes make us feel unwanted or undesired. I’ve dated all sizes myself, some in the industry and some not.”

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In regards to health, Del Valle says he’s “on top” of it.

“People assume because of my size I am not watching my health or worried,” he says. “I’m no exception to the average-size person.”

“We should all take care of ourselves the best we can, no matter our size. My health doesn’t determine my purpose and how I do my job.”

And as for people who want to discriminate against him because of his size, Del Valle has only this to say:

“That’s their loss because I’m one sexy plus man. I can hold my own in any crowd and anywhere I go.”

He adds, “I want everyone to feel sexy and wanted because we are. I’ve made countless friends on the scene of all sizes from big to small to muscle, which is refreshing. They got my back.”

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#IEmbraceMe • • I’ve been taking my power back lately, this project was the cherry on top I needed to claim who I am. I’m not stopping anytime soon. I’m one of the creators on this project but I had anxiety, and insecurities in my mind closer the date came to shoot. Everyone was telling me you are use to doing this you model all the time, but this was different for me, this was going to be me in raw form around people, I was going to be photographed as I am, no filters, editing just me and how everyone sees me on a daily all my scars, Body skin pigmentations, conditions or the way my body would lay or look and I went in telling myself I will do this for those who will see this and have the same insecurities. I went in like all the participants did and experienced it all with them at the same time, the same nerves and anxiety, but we helped each other and pulled through. I’m happy I did this. • • I am beautiful, you are beautiful, you are wanted and you are worthy. Thank you @radtrav ? for capturing me. • •

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