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How are gay priests & rabbis stepping up in these uncertain times?


It’s a rough time for queer religious leaders, and a recent CNN report indicates that the incoming Donald administration is straining their resources like never before. “Things are heating up,” said one rabbi. Of particular concern: not only could their followers lose rights, but they themselves could be negatively impacted by the GOP takeover.

Donald’s popular among certain types — white Christians, for example — which means the Republicans will likely continue their agenda of delivering favors to that demographic. That could mean big trouble for LGBTQ people of all stripes, religious leaders included.

Some officials have been helping queer couples move up wedding dates just in case marriage is banned. (That’s unlikely, though the Republicans could weaken legal protections to the point that marriage doesn’t mean what it once did — in essence, redefining marriage for everyone.)

Donald also said that he’ll sign a bill that would allow people and businesses to disregard nondiscrimination laws when it comes to LGBT couples — including settings like hospitals and shelters. Mike Pence has already shown himself to be a huge fan of turn-away-the-gays laws.

Other gay clergy expressed concern about queer immigrants, and also hate crimes. Many places of worship have been targeted with pro-Donald vandalism. The incoming Republicans have the potential to hurt a lot of people, and queer religious groups could be the last line of defense for those frequently targeted. “The most vulnerable are more vulnerable,” one person told CNN.

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