Gay Rapper Takes On Anti-Gay Rappers

The HomoRevolution gay hip-hop tour may be two months away, but it’s never too early for headlining gay rapper Deadlee to make some headlines of his own. Reflecting on the musical genre’s notoriously homophobic ethos, Deadlee had some pretty vitriolic words for the hetero-hoppers, including unabashedly homophobic rapper 50 Cent:

Fuck him. I don’t like ignorant bitches around me, so he can suck my gun. He is a classic man who had Homo-feelings and chooses to lash out because he is afraid he might act out on his true feelings. 50 Cent has deep rooted homosexual tendencies.

“Suck my gun”, huh? Must be thug talk for dick. We’re totally going to use that…

The preposterously named Deadlee also had some words from that cracker ass, Eminem:

Eminem was called out for his juvenile, hateful approach to homosexuality, especially in his song ‘Criminal’… He was the biggest rapper at the time and if he used the same song as a diss to Blacks or Latinos, he would probably be dead. Eminem likes to pick on the ‘weak’ but gay[z] ain’t weak and he might be a fag himself. He knew all the subcultures in that song.

So, basically, all homophobic rappers are gay. We didn’t need to listen to their songs to tell you that. Shit, Eminem’s named himself after a sweet – that fucking candy ass. As for 50…well, rumor has it that’s how many dicks he can fit in his ass. Quite an over achiever, huh?

Deadlee and his homo-hopping homies will be touring the country starting in March. For more on the tour, click here.