Gay Republicans Are “Mad As Hell” About Antigay GOP Platform, Still Want Your Money

Can you believe that the new Republican party platform is homophobic? Yes, of course you can. Absolutely nobody is surprised by this news — except for the one group of people who should definitely have known better: Gay Republicans.

The platform is pushing the far limits of how homophobic politicians are allowed to be in this day and age. It wants to criminalize trans people for using the bathroom. It supports ex-gay torture camps. It opposes marriage equality, of course. It even calls for overturning the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality — somehow — and getting rid of judges who acknowledge that the Constitution protects all Americans, not just straight ones.

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Bless their dumb hearts, some queer Republicans tried to get more inclusive language in there. One woman even tried to make it more tempting for her colleagues with the promise of a little xenophobia: Rachel Hoff, a delegate, proposed a sentence about how Muslims are trying to kill LGBTs. But her colleagues shouted her down, saying that it was wrong to single out queer people as victims. Yeah, of course, because then they’d have to admit that they’re complicit in that victimization.

And now gay Republicans are in a huff, acting all surprised that things turned out as they have. “I’m mad as hell…This isn’t my GOP, and I know it’s not yours either,” said a fundraising email sent by the Log Cabin Republicans. Hahaha, yes it is, of course it is, when has this ever not been the GOP? The email also suggests that Donald Trump is nicer about gays than this platform is — but that’s not really true either.

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The email then goes on to ask each recipient to donate hundreds of dollars (must be nice to be a Republican and have all that extra cash lying around) so they can … do something? Anything? The email hints at buying advertisements around the upcoming convention, as if that’ll do any good or change any Republican minds.

Or maybe the Log Cabin Republicans need the money because they’ve finally figured out the only way to win the support of a politician: bribe ’em.

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