Gay Saudi Diplomat Ali Ahmad Asseri Pleas With U.S. To Keep Him From Forced Return Home

The diplomat Ali Ahmad Asseri,, who serves as Saudi Arabia’s first secretary of their Los Angeles consulate, says he’ll be executed “openly in broad daylight” if he’s forced to go back to his homeland in a plea for the U.S. to grant him amnesty. Now, does Asseri — whose diplomatic passport won’t be renewed by the Saudis, thus forcing him to leave the U.S. — fear for his life because he’s gay, because he’s friend with a Jewish woman, or because he’s been posting on the Internet about “militant imams” and how he’s threatening to release, according to NBC News, “what he describes as politically embarrassing information about members of the Saudi royal family living in luxury in the U.S”? Because I can’t imagine they’re too thrilled about that either.