Gay Student Just Wants to Talk


A reader just sent us a story in which we think you’ll have some interest. Danielle Smiley has come against some pretty heavy opposition in her quest to found a Gay Straight Alliance at her North Carolina high school. In typical Christian-right fashion, local pastors insist the club will be a hotbed of homo sin. The Herald Sun reports:

Local pastors and parents have denounced the proposal. They’ve said the club could help spread AIDS, encourage children to engage in sex and persuade others to become homosexual.

Ug, it’s just so frustrating when people think all homos do is shoot drugs and have orgies!
All of us know that the GSA ain’t nothing but a bunch of young homos and straight allies getting together to have nice, quiet chat.

It wouldn’t be a “gay club” for recruiting homosexuals and promoting sexual activity, but instead would focus on raising awareness about homosexuality among all students, she said. It also would provide an opportunity for gay students to talk with their peers instead of their parents or adults, Smiley said.

With all the controversy, school officials called a community meeting to discuss the matter, which 130 people attended. A decision has yet to be made.

Smiley says she understands people’s trepidation, but it all comes down to free speech:

I was raised as a Christian and I understand everything that the Bible says to me… I’m not forcing anyone to go to this club. But the First Amendment gives me the right to free speech… All we want is to have people treated the same.


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