Gay Summer Camp In Michigan Not Just About Sex


“Camping Out,” Michigan’s first gay summer camp for teens, will be an educational experience, and we mean really educational. The campers will learn far more than the art of skinny dipping, hair-braiding, and sleeping bag hand-jobs, . They will learn how to become empowered activists, and also proficient horseback riders.

Grace McClelland, the executive director of a program that offers social services to gay youth, says of the camp, “This camp will be no different than, say, YMCA youth camps that give leadership training to kids. We have to train and cultivate our young people.”

It will be no different except there will probably be a lot more blowjobs. And really, what’s wrong with that so long as they are taught how to play safe while being groomed to be the leaders of tomorrow?

Summer camp caters to gay teens [Detroit News]