Gay Teacher Fired After Stolen Sex Tape Is Posted On School Website


A gay high school teacher in a suburb of Little Rock, AR has had his career and life derailed after a hacker gained access to his sex tape and posted it on the school website.

Brian Cody Bray, 29, was fired from his job at Maumelle Charter High School after the administration learned the video, which depicted Bray and another man having consensual sex, had been made available to students, teachers and faculty.

Bray was home on sick leave when a co-worker phoned him to let him know the sex tape had been posted online.

“Pretty much immediately after that phone call I went to the bathroom and threw up,” Bray told the Washington Blade. “I was just in shock that oh my God, this is something that will impact my career, impact my life and what am I going to do?”

Shortly after, he attempted to explain to the school’s principal and the executive director of the school district how the crime had been committed — that his email, DropBox and other accounts had been compromised.

Most telling was the fact that the perpetrator changed the name of the DropBox folder the video was in from “Private” to “FagTeachBray,” a clear sign he’d been targeted for being gay.


For reasons we’re having a hard time seeing, Bray went along with the idea that he needed to be fired after the gross invasion of privacy.

“Of course I had to be dismissed at the time because I had lost any kind of authority with my students there,” Bray remembers being told.

But he feels the school was wrong to deny him severance pay and suggest to the community that he was at fault for what happened.

School officials went so far as to file an ethics complaint against him with the Arkansas Professional Licensure Standards Board, which could have seen his teaching license revoked. Ultimately, the board found there was insufficient evidence that Bray had violated the ethics code for Arkansas educators.

Bray has set up a GoFundMe page to help with living expenses as he pursues recourse and attempts to get his life back on track.