Gay Wedding Tips From a Straight Republican


SOUNDBITES — “Look, I’m Republican and I know the majority in my party don’t share this view, but as it relates to the government, marriage is a contract, and as citizens, every citizen should have every right that every other citizen has, period. If marriage is legal for Ted & Mary, it should be legal for everyone else. The only gay person I have a problem with is Barney Frank and not because he’s gay, but because he voted to spend 787 billion. I want to see same sex couples getting licensed, and taxed like every other couple. Let everyone experience the ‘joys’ of a wedding. Here’s some highlights from mine that some people may want to use as a cautionary tale. When you’re asked what the wedding colors should be, don’t say ‘whatever.’ Make sure the caterer is out of earshot before you call him ‘Satan’s spawn,’ and most importantly when your partner is freaking out, never, ever say ‘Calm down, it’s just a wedding.’ Straight or gay, that’s just a recipe for disaster.” —Political comedian Jim Mendrinos who, yes, is making jokes [Team Washington]