Gay Wisconsin GOP Campaign Worker Lied About Attack By Gay Liberals

Kyle Wood, the openly gay campaign worker for Republican Congressional nominee Chad Lee, has denied being attacked in his home on October 24 as a result of his sexuality and political views.

Captain Joe Balles confirmed to The Isthmus Daily Page that Wood had indeed recanted his story, but would not go into greater detail about the case. Balles updated the incident report late Monday afternoon, noting it was “imperative” to “get something out there because of the politically charged background this was happening in.”

Jimmy LaSalvia, co-founder of gay Republican group, GOProud, had previously condemned the attack on Kyle Wood as “hate and vitriol directed towards a gay conservative from gay liberals.” Wood claimed he was victimized for opposing openly gay Democratic candidate, Mark Pocan, further alleging that Pocan’s husband, Philip Frank, had sent a series of threatening and “sexually-charged” text messages to Wood prior to his attack.

Conservative website Media Trackers had originally reported on these texts in a story titled, “Mark Pocan’s Husband Told Beaten GOP Operative ‘You’re A Marked Man,’ Threatened and Harassed Via Text Message,” though the headline now reads, “Allegations Fly in Beating of Gay GOP Volunteer,” with the majority of the story, including the texts, removed. However, Red Alert Politics reports:

After mocking Wood for supporting the Republican candidate, Frank wrote, “Remember your station in life and remember not to cross the husband of a powerful man. You are on shaky footing as it is, push much farther and you won’t have a future in this town, or any other.”

But according to Capt. Balles, those text messages “did not occur,” though he refused to elaborate further. Pocan and Frank are now considering legal action against Wood. Pocan’s campaign manager, Dan McNally, said in a statement:  “These allegations are completely false. These text messages are fabricated and we’ve referred this matter to Madison police. We are currently in discussions with an attorney and intend to sue for libel or defamation.”

Balles and the Madison police, after doing their due diligence, will discuss whether any charges will be filed against Wood with the district attorney office.

Since this couldn’t come at a worse time for Chad Lee, what with the Election just days away and Pocan already heavily favored to win, who’s willing to wage that LaSalvia and GOProud will make a statement denouncing Kyle Wood as a liberal spy in the house of Lee who had planned to bring down that political machine from day one. Ten bucks, who’s taking it?

Photo: The Isthmus Daily Page/Seth Jovaag