Gays Are Slutty Prudes

The Advocate‘s rebranding gets a little sexier next week as the newsweekly unveils its “Sex Issue”. The issue, which hits stands on July 17th and features gay rugger Ian Roberts on the cover, gets down and dirty with its readers, 24% of whom identity as “single and happy”.

The same readers, however, say they had their first man on man (or girl on girl) action by the time they were fifteen. That’s crazy. We would never have imagined sucking dick at age 15. Okay, that’s a lie. We imagined it, but didn’t get to doing the deed until we were at least sixteen (a car definitely helps the situation, no?).

While the kiddies may doing it like rabbits, it seems The Advocate‘s readers – shockingly! – aren’t the most adventurous type. Thirty-three percent of respondents – the same amount who got down at age 15 – say they never use sex toys. Forty-six percent, meanwhile, have never had a menage.

Those surveyed also seem to be pretty loyal: 68% say they’re completely monogamous. This, of course, strikes a blow against all the homophobes who think we’re horned up sex maniacs who homo hop from bed to bed to bed…