Gays, Others Lead To Earth’s Doom!

Director Rick Stout brings the right-wing movement into uncharted territory with his new flick, Demographic Winter, which firmly points a finger at gays, feminists and lefties for the declining population rates. Because, you know, we threaten marriage and there can be no babies without marriage.

Says one interview subject, “Now we have forty years of social science that makes it absolutely clear that the deterioration of marriage and the encouragement of sexuality outside of marriage is just not good for society.” The scariest part to these people: the decline of developed nations. That means African nations could be on top. Nooooo!

Though this trailer doesn’t spell out any clear answers, the screen does flash this ominous query: “What if the solutions were clear to academia, but weren’t politically correct?” That sounds like the makings of a social cleansing project. And it frightens us.