Pop Brownies

Get Pietro Boselli’s abs; make lunchtime supersexy; and ogle studly superheroes

In the below video, physique model Pietro Boselli teaches you how to stare, mouth agape, at your computer screen. Also, abs:

Written and directed by Jake Graf, Headspace is a short film charting the uncomfortable social situations trans people navigate every day. It stars model Laith Ashley, Kieran Moloney, Munroe Bergdorf and Captain Hannah Winterbourne.

Hungry? Lunchtime becomes oddly erotic in this short film starring the distractingly beautiful Orion Griffiths and Ryan Obermeier.

If you’ve ever looked at drawings of female superheroes and asked yourself, “But how would they look if they were really hot guys?”, the work of ZachArt is for you:

Check out Raja (winner of season 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race) in a cameo for Blondie’s video for new single “Fun,” playing some sort of intergalactic amazingness: