Govt. "Drifting Towards Autocracy"

Gibraltar Anti-Gay, Says Tatchell

Peter Tatchell took a trip to British overseas territory Gibraltar – and he didn’t like what he saw.

Speaking during a press conference yesterday, the ever-outspoken activist blasted the government’s anti-gay actions:

Many people I have met recalled instances of discrimination, harassment and other abuses. However, they all expressed their unwillingness to report officially or publicly discuss the human rights violations they had suffered, out of fear of retribution from state officials.

The people of Gibraltar are wonderful, but the government appears to be drifting towards autocracy… It is failing to respect the human rights of its own citizens, especially gay people, the disabled and immigrants.

It’s shocking to hear that Gibraltar, that famous rock over which the Spanish and the Brits have warred, would have backward policy. Spain and Britain are both very gay friendly nations. Perhaps Gibraltar’s government’s using repression to assert its self-determination: never a good move in the political arena. And tacky, too.