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GLAAD Rounds Up The Boy Scout Extremists

GLAAD has done us the favor of collecting in one handy list the Murderers Row of homophobes on the Boy Scout ban. Meet the Extremists includes a rundown of some of our very favorite nutburgers. A sampling:

  • John Stemberger, the head of On My Honor who just this week was fretting about “boy-on-boy contact” if the ban is lifted.
  • Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council who has said that the Scouts would be saying “goodbye to God” if they allowed gays to join.
  • Linda Harvey, who believes reading Queerty makes kids gay.

And let’s not forget Rick Perry, who looks to a slaveholder as the type of model the Scouts should emulate.

GLAAD’s goal is to get people to realize that the supporters of the ban aren’t motivated by love of the Scouts but by hatred of gays. In fact, none of these extremists has been known to hide their homophobia under a bushel basket. In fact, it’s a revenue-generating strategy.

History may be against them, but until the dollars dry up, they’ll keep the hatred flowing.

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