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Google’s Ads About Gays are Better than those Produced by Actual Gay Organizations

By now you’ve surely seen the Google Chrome ad that played last night during Glee, which tells the story of how Dan Savage made it OK for LGBT grownups to talk to LGBT kids. If you haven’t seen it, sit back and get ready to cry.

Beautiful, right? So moving. It’s basically a commercial for feeling good about who you are. (Whether or not Dan actually used Chrome to upload his videos — eh, who cares.)

And it gives some perspective to the asinine right-wing claim that Glee itself is product-placement for homosexuality. Uh, no, not any more than Married With Children is product-placement for heterosexuality. When a TV show puts Diet Coke in everyone’s hand with every logo facing front, that’s weird and awkward, because life is not really like that. But putting gays on TV is not at all weird because, despite the right wing’s best efforts, gay people exist and live and thrive.