Google’s New Gaydar Can Finally Tell You If Hugh Jackman Is Gay… No, Really

You may not have noticed but it you go to Google and type “Is [celebrity name] gay?” they may provide their best guess based on all the web articles that exist about that celebrity. But here’s the kicker, it won’t provide results for Kevin Spacey, John Travolta, Taylor Lautner, Anderson Cooper, or Will Smith. Hmmm… why has Google decided to discuss the sex lives of some celebrities but not others? Avoiding a potential lawsuit, perhaps?

Via Manhunt Daily (NSFW)

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  • Pocket Otter

    Will Smith? Ack! I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  • Kaze

    Some people strongly believe that even Lassie and Rin Tin Tin were gay but he isn’t, live with it: H. Jackman Dismisses Gay Rumors Good old days when you were talking about cinema and the matter did not amount to how actors use their dicks and shame on Google that comes in the guise of a new McCarthy witch-hunt.

  • Michael

    Give me a flying flipping break. Not only are there pictures of Hugh Jackman holding the hands of his boyfriend on the beach but he brought him to the People’s Choice Awards two years ago. I am soooo sick of this shite.

  • M


    I know! If you want to believe Hugh is straight, after every thing that has been printed and alluded to and hinted about him, then so be it.

  • Bryan

    I tried googling two other celebs that have question marks over them, Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Cruise. I got a result for the former(straight) but not Tom Cruise.

    I also tried for Zachary Quinto and Matt Bomer, just for laughs but got no results.

  • Bob

    ok i just look up this stuff on a hunch, and all those ppl are sworn enemies or members/ties to Scientology. just something odd….

  • BubbasBack

    @Michael: Well I wanna see them pics of Jackman holding hands! (Burp).

  • Dave

    @Michael I saw those pics and an article about them, in one pic they even called Jackman LMAO “Muscle Mary”.

  • steve

    @Michael: Those pics on the beach were photo shopped

    But anyway, if you ask ANYONE in Australian musical theater they will tell you he is bi but leans towards men more. Plus there’s also that sham of a marriage.. young, handsome actor gets married to an older, average looking nobody and starts adopting kids. Please how much more proof do you need??

  • Kaze

    @Michael: You’ve had hallucinations. At People’s Choice Award Jackman was together with two of his collaborators, in the sense of professional staff. In the pictures you’re talking about, watch this video and live with it. About his children, millions of heterosexual couples adopting children in the world but no one writes science fiction novels of this fact. Jackman’s wife almost lost her life trying to give him a son. After many painful attempts and two miscarriages, they decided to adopt their two children. Adopting children is a huge act of love, be adopted is not a stigma. Children belong to those who grow them with love and in the case of Jackman family I see a lot of love. A son is a son even if you haven’t given birth him (or her) with your genitalia.

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