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Got a Spare Minute and $20? Chris Crocker Is Waiting for Your Call

Ever feel like what’s missing from your life is more direct contact with D-list celebrities? Never fear, Dial-A-Star is here — and its list of out-of-work actors, shameless fame whores, and reality-stars-on-their-27th-minute is long, and includes at least a couple of gays (and of course, a couple of Lohans).

Web celeb turned porn star turned recording artist Chris Crocker — seen right in his latest YouTube video, proudly proclaiming that he’d “rather be an attention whore than an attention virgin any f*ing day of the week” — is actually among the higher priced of the Dial-A-Star bunch, pulling in an impressive $20 a minute. Half of that apparently goes to the site’s creator, but were Crocker to chat with regular folk for, say, a full 40-hour work week, he’d net a cool $24,000.

Also on the roster is openly gay soap actor/artist/author Thom Bierdz, who likewise fetches $20 a minute. (To put that into D-list perspective, that’s as much as Tila Tequila, and a full $8 more than Octomom Nadya Suleman — but still $5 less than Dina Lohan.)

The cheapest of the self-selling pack? Domenico Nesci, who, for a mere 6 bucks a minute, can at least explain to you who he is. (Hint: It involved the 2008 MTV reality show “That’s Amore!”)

Image via YouTube