Guess which diva is coming back to ‘Will & Grace’?

Fresh? Not exactly.

Still, the Will & Grace exhumation has not been without its surprises — mostly in the form of celebrity cameos and the occasional shoutout to a particularly lurid gay-themed website.

Now, the Charleston-kicking, martini-swilling nostalgia train is packing another star into its decidedly rotund kaboose: Jennifer Lopez will return to the show on an upcoming episode, playing two different roles: herself and her “Shades of Blue” character, Detective Harlee Santos.

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You may recall Lopez already appeared on Will & Grace on the Season 6 episode “Oh, No, You Di-in’t,” where she played a wedding singer at Karen and Lyle’s wedding.

We have no idea exactly when the new episode will air, but we can make up a source who tells us under conditions of anonymity that it will be “soon.”