Guys Share The Incredible First Moments They Knew They Were Gay


For straight people, there’s no “moment” they realize they’re straight — childhood rolls into puberty, and they end up being attracted to the people they always thought they would gravitate towards.

That’s simplifying it of course, but it’s nothing like the we’re-living-in-the-matrix experience many LGBTQ people face when they first realize they aren’t who they thought they were.

Below, guys on Whisper remember the first moment they looked around and thought “I’m not in Kansas anymore”:


I knew I was gay when I was 6 and I would get a tingly feeling from looking at Mr. Clean

I found out I was gay when I first watched porn and always looked at the guys instead of the girls

When I was little and reading Archie comics, I realized I wasn

I knew I was gay when I would rather watch the guys at football practice taking their shirts off, than the cheerleaders pushing their boobs out.

I was always majorly friend zoned by every girl I thought I liked. That

How did I know I was gay? I watched WWE for a different reason than my brother

I knew I was gay when at 6 I felt the muscles of a strong man carrying me and I had a boner!

How I knew for sure I was gay. Kept this by my bed for months.

The moment I realized I was gay, was when my crush asked me what types of girls I was into, while I was cuddled up next to him.

I realized I was gay the first time I saw abs on a guy. I felt differently than I ever had before

I knew I was gay when I was 6 because I watched Hercules and thought "wow he is fine as hell"

I found out I wasn

I knew I was gay when I realized how much I love Lady Gaga. Not in a sexual way but just that I think she is absolutely perfect.

I thought it was normal to admire your guy friends butts when they wore basketball shorts. Then I realized I

I think the first time I realized I was gay was when my friend asked me if this girl was hot and I looked away and stared at the guy next to her