Hannity, Fox News Ratings Sink After Network Blows Election

dewey-defeats-trumanRegular viewers of Fox News woke up on November 7 with a headache that would put your New Year’s Day hangover to shame: After being spoon-fed steady assurances that Mitt Romney would absolutely, definitely win the election, Mitt Romney lost the election.

And the network’s ratings have seeming suffered because of that, ahem, miscalculation. Fox golden-boy Sean Hannity, in particular, is tanking, reports Yahoo! News.

Hannity’s Nielsen ratings for the period following Election Day have fallen by half.

Hannity has seen its ratings decline a lot more than usual since the election—and Sean Hannity’s viewers in particular keep disappearing, while Rachel Maddow‘s continue to tune in over at rival MSNBC…

Sure, we’re all watching less news now that the election is over. But Daily News analyst Don Kaplan says Hannity’s ratings are in the crapper because viewers feel betrayed. “When the dust settled,” Kaplan writes “it turns out Hannity’s viewers opted to vote again — with their remotes.”

Adding substance to his theory is the fact that Maddow has retained her audience over at MSNBC, and even beat Hannity in the coveted 25-54 demographic through early December. Overall, though, Fox is still king in the land of 24-hour television news, averaging 2.6 million viewers a night during prime time.

Well, it’s the little victories in life.