Happy Endings:

• Poor Maer Roshan can’t catch a break: Radar‘s lost its publisher. Again. [WWD]

“I know meatloaf,” says GMA‘s Sam Champion. We’ve no doubt… [Gawker]

Todd Oldham lends his name to FTD’s “Coming Out” rose bouquet. Send ’em to someone gay. And out. [FTD]

A lady teacher loves sex with underage boys: proof positive pedophilia ain’t a gay thing, thanks. [The New York Times]

Michael Knight from Project Runway’s smooching Brandy? That’s almost as gross as Hastert’s small dick. Almost. [Mollygood]

John Rechy, queer writer extraordinaire, has declared the winner of the 2006 One Culture Hero Award. No snarky comments, just congratulations. [The Advocate]