Happy Endings: Roger Wants Your Vote


• We’re total suckers for shameless self-promotion, so we readily agreed to Roger Kuhn’s request to post this video: “What’s Your Name?” The track’s on Logo’s Online Click List, but Kuhn’s shooting for the televisual stars. If he gets enough votes, Logo will play the video on tv. Do you think Kuhn deserves it? If so, vote for him! If not, ignore this and move on.

• Stereohyped asks: “Are Nooses The New Black?” Let’s hope not.

• Does Genre EIC Neal Boulton have an original thought in his head? Career history says “no”.

Patriarch Alexy II, who heads the Russian Orthodox Church, doesn’t have a high opinion of homos: “We can see it in a new generation of rights that contradict morality, and in how human rights are used to justify immoral behavior.” Alexy then went on to call homosexuality an “illness” and asked, “Why don’t we have advertising for kleptomania?”

Twinkle, twinkle: “star mysteries“!

• Alan Sears does not approve of hate crime legislation: “It’s about punishing people of traditional faith who dare oppose homosexual behavior.”

Anita Hill calls bullshit on Clarence Thomas‘ new book, allegations she lied about sexual harassment.

• The ever-stylish Glenn O’Brien weighs in on presidential candidates, including John Edwards:

…Beauty is always a suspect quality in a man, and to pull it off you have to show that you’re also tough and for real. This is why they went after Edwards’s haircut and his primping. Ann Coulter called him a “faggot” because only a fag would fuss with his hair for two minutes before going on camera, right?

Fags and politicians, yes.

South Africans protest lesbian murders.