Happy Endings: Technology Bites Back

Motorola helps break gay boy’s heart.

• Former B2K member Raz B admits he lied about manager Chris Stokes molestation allegations. Raz B’s brother, Ricky Romance, says otherwise. He also suggests Raz B may have been forced into the “admission”.

• Queers help Obama campaign.

Madonna‘s directorial debut – the contradictorily entitled Faith and Wisdom Filth & Wisdomset to debut at Berlin Film Festival. Those Germans have the strongest stomachs.

• Poor Lindsay Lohan – you know your career’s in the dumps when an ex-boyfriend’s “candid photos” fetch low five figure sums.

It’s a good day to be a heroin addict in DC:

President Bush signed legislation on Wednesday lifting a ban that for nearly a decade has prevented city officials here from using local tax money for needle exchange programs.

That said, it’s never really a good day to be a heroin addict.

• Education-oriented Jewish organization Hillel has published its first gay student guide.

• Gay marriage has been making headway in Cuba, where the state-run National Center for Sex Education endorsed a lesbian wedding.