And Bob Allen Continued To Astound, Lie

Happy Endings: The Day Ivri Lider Told His Side of The Story

• The Israeli Defense Force dropped singer Ivri Lider from a morale boosting show after discovering he only served a month of his required military service. In an exclusive interview with Out, Lider tells his side of the story:

I had a really hard time. I was very confused. I went to the army psychologist, and after I went two or three times, they decided I was not suitable for the army. They signed me out and sent me home.

Bob Allen’s even more full of it. The Florida Republican disavowed his racist explanation for his solicitation arrest:

According to [a new] report, Allen said he went to the bathroom to avoid a lightning storm that was about to start.

The undercover officer went into a stall next to Allen’s. Allen knocked on the officer’s stall door to ask if he was all right.

Are you fucking kidding us?

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