Happy Endings: The Day Jim McGreevey Upped The Ink-Grabbing Ante

Jim McGreevey successfully stole the thunder from former beard, Dina Mato McGreevey‘s Oprah appearance. The Gay American “is entering a seminary amid reports that he wants to become an Episcopal priest,” according to NYC’s NBC affiliate, WNBC. IHT confirms that the formerly – and publicly – Catholic New Jersey governor has been embraced by the Episcopal Church. With this successful entry, McGreevey’s plunging into the “discernment” phase, says IHT . This process which clears the pipes for deeper spiritual penetration and eventual priesthood. After all is said and done, McGreevey could looking at over three years on his knees for god. Dina best come out with a sequel. [Image source]

• Last week, The Advocate broke the story on Micron Technology‘s board of director’s heavy-handed refusal to endorse a shareholder sponsored non-discrimination policy. Now the Boise, Idaho company has reversed it’s position. From The Advocate:

Micron Technology Inc. decided Tuesday to amend its company policy so employees can no longer be fired on the basis of their sexual orientation. The move comes after The Advocate revealed last week that the Boise, Idaho, company’s board of directors had ignored an unprecedented 55% shareholder vote in favor of adding both sexual orientation and gender identity to its nondiscrimination policies.

Well done, homo-journos! Unfortunately, the board will not be including gender identity in their revised policy. Divide and conquer, huh?

• Don’t forget all the homo-politicos. Referring to a string of recent political gains, Denis Dison of the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund tells Deb Price: “We have seen in the last month at almost every major win, almost always there is an openly gay legislator behind that story.” This article comes with complete “gay” political gain time line!

Scary Spice v. Eddie Murphy heads to the court room. That’s some baby mama DNA drama.

Don Imus may file a lawsuit against CBS, thus ensuring we’ll continue to hear America’s most outrageously offensive catch phrase since “Let’s Get Retarded”.

New York thinks it’s time to come out of the American Idol closet.

• Don’t forget Good Times tonight at Eastern Bloc! We’ll totally be there. Details after the jump!