Happy Endings: The Day We Cruised


New York Blade takes a closer look at Cruising.

Larry Craig’s family has dubious past, including statutory rape charges.

• Footballer Graeme Le Saux isn’t gay, but he knows the pain of anti-gay jibes.

Giorgio Armani on “power dressing”:

I think power dressing today is about self-expression rather than uniformity or conformity. It is about having the confidence to express your own identity. So there has been a 180-degree turnaround from the 1980s. I think that is a very positive change.

This from the man who hasn’t changed his black t-shirt in 5000 years?

Singaporean pastor not about the gays.

Angelina Jolie and Zahara may be different races, but they’ve got the same fashion taste!

Shia LeBeouf is not James Dean.

• Andy Towle interviews television’s gay judge, David Young.