Happy Endings: The Day We Ended With A Laugh

Lisa Kudrow‘s a genius. The people who cancelled The Comeback are fools. That is all.

Paris Hilton‘s dead, naked body never looked so educational. Artist Daniel Edwards has created a life-size sculpture to highlight the “disturbingly glamorized trend of Hollywood’s girls gone wild”, according to TMZ. In twenty year’s time, Hilton’s real body will be doing that on its own.

Michael Lucas‘ former right hand, Heather “Reznor” Fink and her comedy troupe sure like meat. Especially in panties. And they say the porn industry doesn’t fuck you up.

Gene Robinson on New Hampshire’s new civil union laws: “I think this moves us one step closer to the American promise to all its citizens of equality under the law. My partner and I look forward to taking full advantage of the new law.” No more living in sin for those boys!

Class Comics, Inc: totally NSFW gay superhero fun.

Jim McGreevey and Dina Matos have “agreed” on joint custody of their daughter. Also, McGreevey’s faggotry apparently is “not significant”.

Posh and Becks must be stopped.

VH1 has made a career out of making New York‘s career.

• From PageOneQ: “[A] Bentonville, AR man is seeking $20,000 in damages and the firing of the town’s top librarian, claiming his two sons were disturbed after stumbling upon The Whole Lesbian Sex Book in the town’s public library.” Only $20,000? Fuck, it’s The Whole Lesbian Sex Book. That’s a lot of information, definitely deserving of $25,000.