And The Day After We Turned Two!

Happy Endings: We Saw A Star Rise, Fall, Explode

• Some fool named Homo Homie sent us this “music” video. Sorry, babe, we don’t know if you have a career ahead of you. We do (sort of) think your rhyme’s 9sort of) hot. Sort of.

Michelangelo’s naked Jesus comes out after 500 years!

Ryan Seacrest to host the Emmy Awards. Get ready for hours of awkward moments and juvenile jokes.

Where has all the testosterone gone?

• Gaydar owner Gary Frisch leaves £6.5m fortune to business partner and ex-lover Henry Badenhorst. Also, Frisch’s bloodstream had inordinate amounts of ketamine. Guess we now know why he fell off that balcony.

JC Report knows what boys wants.

• Damn, Sean Penn’s a 47-year old stud!

US immigration officials deny Bolivian gay refugee status. Are they being haters or did he lie?

The court’s per curiam decision relates that in his application for asylum asylum, the man, who was born and raised in Peru, claimed that “he was mistreated as a child because of his homosexuality, he was sexually abused by an adult at his Catholic middle school, and police detained and abused persons at a dance club where [he] and his boyfriend had been dancing.” The court noted that the applicant provided inconsistent details about this dance club incident, asserting in the asylum application that he and his boyfriend escaped from the club after the police arrived and only later learned second-hand what happened to the others there, while at his asylum hearing, he testified that he had been detained and abused by the police on that occasion.

Police initiated brutality’s definitely something that would stick out in our minds.

Leona Helmsley dies without doing final evil deed.

• By the way, we turned two years old yesterday. Can you believe it? No, we can’t either: 5,278 comments and still going strong. For those of you looking to send gifts, we accept credit cards and cash. No personal checks or money orders, you beautiful derelicts. In return, we send you endless support and those comments – 14,932 and counting!

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