Happy “Labor” Day: Five Celebrity Lesbian Moms You Should Know

Labor Day was created in 1882 as a way to honor the contributions of America’s workforce. But since no one remembers that, we decided to co-opt the holiday as a way to salute lesbian moms, who not only have to endure pregnancy—and, well, labor—but overcome logistical, financial, legal and social hurdles their straight sisters don’t.

Below, we give a tip of the hat to some famous lesbians who have given birth to some very lucky children.

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Cat Cora

In between defending her Iron Chef title, hosting Food Network shows, opening restaurants and founding the nonprofit group Chefs For Humanity, Cora found time to give birth to son Nash in 2009. The baby was actually the product of an anonymous sperm donor and the implanted embryo of Cora’s partner, Jennifer, who was also pregnant at the time with implanted embryos from both partners.  Guess Cat can’t resist adding a little flourish to her eggs.

Mary Cheney
Granted, we’re not huge fans of Mary’s politics—or the fact that she campaigned for George W. Bush. But as the openly lesbian daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney, she helped push her father toward embracing marriage equality. And as the mom to kids Samuel and Sarah (with longtime partner Heather Poe), she made it impossible for a lot of conservatives to lash out at same-sex families as faceless targets.


Cynthia Nixon
Nixon had her first two children with then-husband Danny Mozes. But after embarking on a relationship with now-wife Christine Marinoni in 2004, the two welcomed son Max Ellington Nixon-Marinoni into the world in 2011. Since coming out as bisexual, the Sex and the City actress has been an outspoken spokesperson for the LGBT community.


Sara Gilbert
Though she and partner Allison Adler have split, the Roseanne star gave birth to their daughter Sawyer in 2004. (Adler gave birth to son Levi in 2004. Before the launch of Gilbert’s talk show, The Talk, EW revealed that “In years past, publicists would ask that stories about Gilbert’s two children kindly didn’t mention her partner.” But once she became a familiar face beamed into millions of homes, Gilbert was comfortable discussing her life as a gay mom.


Judy Gold

Gold is another celebrity lesbian (celesbian?) no longer with her partner, but she’s mined their breakup—and her pregnancy—for comedy gold. “”One time I was in line at the bank—I was about eight months pregnant,” the 6’2″ comic told Metro Weekly in 2008. “And this woman teller says, ”Are you making a deposit, sir?’ And I’m like, ”I’m eight months pregnant! What do you think, I have a beer belly?”


Photos: Freedom To Marry, Watch with Kristin, GLAAD