Harvey Milk Trial Prosecutor Dies

Former San Francisco D.A. Joseph Freitas Jr passed away in a Paris hospital, from lung cancer, at the age of 66. Freitas was the prosecutor heading the trial of Dan White, the man who assasinated gay San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone. The jury only convicted White of manslaughter, rather than murder–partly because Milk was gay. The case was the Rodney King trial of the time, creating fury amongst the people of San Francisco over the injustice of the political system, although it Freitas’ political career.

The Harvey Milk High School opened in New York in 2003, as a school for gay students, named in honor of the politician’s great strides in promoting gay rights in San Francisco. (We imagine the Harvey Milk High prom must be THE EVENT OF THE CITY.) A documentary on Harvey Milk was released in 1984, to great critical acclaim; a scripted film has long been discussed as well, and we can only hope our current era of Brokeback Fever will push things through.

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Former D.A. Joseph Freitas Jr dies
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