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HEADLINES: Gay Former Idol Hopeful Doubts Adam Lambert Can Win


• Former American Idol contestant David Hernandez, who scandalized the show after pictures of him stripping at a gay bar surfaced, knows Adam Lambert “from the scene” — and doesn’t have much faith in him winning the contest. [Michael Musto]

• Logo’s comedy series Sordid Lives won’t be back for a second season, and not because ratings were up to par. Rather creator Del Shores says the Viacom network hasn’t paid him yet. [Popwired]

• ACLU is demanding Tennessee schools unblock web access to gay sites after learning districts were selectively censoring certain URLs, including the websites of HRC, PFLAG, and GLSEN. [ACLU]

• Jennifer Holiday will join the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles to perform a series of hit songs from Broadway’s The Lion King, Young Frankenstein, Spring Awakening, Aida, The King & I, Zorba, Milk and Honey, South Pacific, Company, Passion, and Follies. [Theatremania]

• Introducing the first black-focused chapter of PFLAG, launching in Portland. [Basic Rights]

• A very homoerotic shot of Zac Efon on an escalator. [Jezebel]

• German pop star Nadja Benaissa, a member of the girl group No Angels, was arrested for allegedly sleeping with men while aware she was HIV positive. One man was reportedly infected. [Guardian]

• Rumored gay rapper Omarion opts for a boys night out (with obnoxious model Tyrese and suspected lady abuser Chris Brown) to assert his masculinity. [Rod 2.0]

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  • drew brown

    Unlike David Hernandez, Adam Lambert has an incredible amount of talent and star power. Sorry, David, but your gayness is not the reason you were voted off.

  • fixator

    Yes I like this feature!

  • ChristopherM

    If I remember correctly, Hernandez was voted off for a version of “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” that made the original sound like Bob Dylan. I would not put much stock in his taste or opinions.

  • JoeB

    Bitter? Party of One? Bitter?

    David was voted off at 12th, Adam is still in at the top 7.

    People didn’t vote for Hernandez because 1) he didn’t have the vocal chops 2) he was completely in denial about his previous job. He said something like his worst job was at a ‘pizza bistro’ after everyone and their grandmother knew that he was a stripper at a gay bar. He just pretended the photos weren’t out there. Adam knows and doesn’t care, doesn’t try to butch it up or pretend to be someone he’s not. People respect when you’re honest about who you are, Hernandez.

    I wouldn’t vote for Hernandez because he was a phony. I vote for Adam every week.

  • D-Sun


    Luke Menard, the Hugh Jackman/Orlando Bloom combine, was the one who did the Wham cover.

    David Hernandez got kicked off after singing………Actually, I can’t remember anything he ever performed on the show. That might have something to do with it.

  • ChristopherM

    @D-Sun: Yup, you are correct sir! He was pretty, but pretty vacant. By the way, do you think that by “scene” he means, “He came into the bar one night and stuffed a dollar into my manties?”

  • Sug Night

    Fifteen minutes – UP, DONE, OVER….

  • Cam

    David, you tried to pretend you were straight…why would I or any other gays bother to pick up the phone to support another Clay Aiken who will deny being gay until his career tanks? Adam gets my support, but you with your fake hetro-ness did not.

  • Amber

    David who? Adam is the next and best American Idol for me

  • Kutie

    OMG David Hernandez u r a moron, yeah right are you trying to get some fame as Adam is getting right now. I dont think so, u had your chance but you are a LIAR..
    Not because you were voted off cuz or your lack of talents don’t try to tie you up with Adam.
    You and Adam are entirely different. The difference is Heaven and Hell.
    Please don’t compare yourself to Adam. Listen up Adam is NOT Gay.
    So DavidH if you are one, why not keep it to yourself, instead why broadcast it to the media then accuse of someone else is just like you.
    I don’t think anyone is listening to you. The reason I am speaking right now cuz I can’t stands idiot like you trying so hard to get a piece of the popularity that Adam is currently having right now. Like I said you got your chance but you screwed it up and you LIED. I was rooting for you then, now I wish I didn’t. Arrrghhh. piss off.

  • Sentient Content

    It is amazing to me, honestly–
    People claiming to know Mr.Lambert when the man cannot answer for himself. Perhaps this guy saw him perform or got a handshake if he stepped up to introduce himself at some point. The way Hernandez makes it sound, they’re best friends. I don’t even remember this person being on American Idol. This is definitely one for the ignore portion of the show folks. – Sen

  • Captain Freedom

    David Hernandez is the Al Sharpton of American Idol. He’s pissed off that he not only didn’t win but didn’t even make the top 8. He blames homophobia ad anti-gay attitudes… Yet this is the same guy who NEVER reveals his sexual orientation and goes over hills to come off as straight.

    Then when Adam Lambert (Barack Obama) shows up, he lampoons him. He would be so upset watching another gay man succeeding that he’ll stoop to a low level to tarnish his name.

    Here’s the thing, even if Adam Lambert loses AI, his future is sealed. He is beyond anything this show has seen in years. He is not your average run-of-the-mill contestant. When this show is over he has a potential to be one of the most recognizable beloved faces of the next decade.

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